Eternal Volunteers - Witty Title
Posted By: Adam AshwellDate: 1/15/05 7:18 a.m.

This is the second level of Chapter 2. We've just screwed over the Pfhor fleet and now we've got to destroy this place's shield generator. We'll be recieving some help from some Bobs, but not nearly enough to make it feel like a raid. This level looks great in places - in others it's nothing special. The teleporters are cool-looking too. The symmetry in this level is both good and bad - it makes some sense, but it also makes the level that much more boring in some parts.

Also, as far as I know, it's necessary to shoot a switch through an opening between a door and a wall in order to beat this level, which felt like cheating. Maybe make it a little more apparent that it's what the player has to do and not a way to get around doing some stuff in the level. I'm a bit confused as to the big thing that's broken through the wall when we open the main gate - what is it?

Once you've opened the main gate, head to one of the teleporters to go to the next level.

This is a fun level, although after the initial action it gets kinda dull - maybe some regenerating Bobs too so it looks like a continuous battle between the Pfhor and the humans. The symmetry is a bit much - I think often that symmetry in basic design is okay as long as it's not symmetry in content and function. Sorry for the late update guys, by the way.

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Eternal Volunteers - Witty TitleAdam Ashwell 1/15/05 7:18 a.m.
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                 Re: Eternal Volunteers - Witty Titleblake37 1/15/05 10:46 a.m.

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