Posted By: Me_43Date: 9/30/04 9:57 p.m.

...That Aleph One, only better, like thingy.

Development has been going extremely well; in fact, I would say it's almost 2/3 done. The level/physics editor - which I have been developing as well - man, apps programming is boring - is only about 1/4 done, but the level/physics formats were specially designed to be piss easy to work with (Think XML).

Tons of stuff has been done, so much that it'd probably be better to list what HASN'T been done:
-Network code
-Menus & terminals
-Marathon Map Importer (Maybe add an E0 exporter to phforge...)
-Haven't tested on anything other than Windows, but it uses SDL/OpenGL so it *should* be fine on anything

That's about it.

There's also been a ton of improvements over Aleph in many areas; they're too numerous to list.

Anyway, it's a bit hard to test without a scenario, of course.

So. I need models, in .OBJ format, NO BONES (E0 uses stances), trimesh only, with textures and UV co-ordinates in the file. 32-bit textures of a size up to 512x512 are good (Actually, it supports 1024x1024, but they're a little... slow...) in BMP format. Sounds must be .WAV. Mail to: lewis.hosie@gmail.com
Thanks to those who contribute.

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