RED 1.1: Medatron of the Void
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 5/5/04 11:41 a.m.

One of the most difficult levels in the scenario, there are a lot of frustrating aspects to this one and you'll be redoing much of it many times over in the current scenario.

  • Add pattern buffer to "front desk" area. This would allow you to save immediately before real combat begins, and not have to teleport back in from Floating in Agony each time.
  • Tone down head bots to the level described on the RED site: Make them move slower, and make them fire drone bolts instead of their current, much stronger projectiles.
  • Remove regenerating head bots. This would make it feasible to backtrack through the level to pattern buffers (now that they exist).
  • Remove the pit under the front door of the power station. Being able to use this door for cover without having to watch out for this will make the first encounter a lot easier.
  • Add 1x health canister to somewhere on the first floor of the facility. A good place would be the empty room to the northeast, since by the time it's reached the first floor will have been pretty much all cleared out. (I also just noticed there's a trail of blood leading down the hall to this room, terminating in a pile of corpses. Nice, Ian...)
  • Loosen up rubble in annoying door room. Right now, there seems to be a lot of bouncing around and getting hung up on corners going on there.
  • Increase delay on annoying door. I know Ian is trying to discourage being cheap and using the door for cover, but on DW that's the only feasible way to win, and it takes far longer than it should because of the switch/door setup. If you had another second or two to concentrate fire on the enemies it would be a lot more fun.
  • Force the player to pick up the 1x health in the catacombs by closing off the path which allows you to descend without encountering the health. This could be done by adding a transparent texture to the wall right at the drop (line index 1100)
  • Add returning platforms to the two alternate paths in the catacombs so John can pick up every single bit of ammo :P
  • Delete monster directly in front of the door in "run like hell" room, so that if you do realize you're supposed to run like hell you will always succeed instead of getting hung up on that guy and killed. Also, possibly delete monsters on one side of the following room for the same reason.
  • Add pattern buffer to end room, so you can continue to Burning down the Park without having to fight Michael each time.

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RED 1.1: Medatron of the VoidMark Levin 5/5/04 11:41 a.m.
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