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mnemesis: my theory (HAHAHAHAHAHA)
Posted By: alex crossDate: 6/22/03 10:20 p.m.

My theory

To say that any intelligent race possessing emotions and free will is a perfectly uniform alliance is pratically absurd, excluding radical A.I. development. So, we will say the same theorem holds true for the forerunner. One side was a peaceful and benevolent race, while the other used their free will in proving true that science and weapons do go hand in hand. These were the forerunner that were the enemy to the benevolent forerunner; the enemy forerunner will now be referred to as the H-forerunner (Halo-forerunner) for future discussion. The benevolent side will be B-forerunner respectively.

The H-forerunner are a minority in their time, with their ideas not being accepted by the common whole, but they desired so much to put their ideas to use. With their intelligence, they created A.I.s (Guilty Sparks and sentinels) and labor machines that aided in the construction of the rings. Halo is of great power obviously, and the construction of the ring represents the hellish temptation for power. The B-forerunner watched apprehensively as halos were constructed across the whole known universe, but none knew of their true purpose. The B-forerunners watched as Halos were test fired in unoccupied areas of space, but demonstrated god-like destruction. Also, there was an increase in vanishing B-forerunner vessels, but not due to the Halos. So a B-forerunner espionage unit was constructed and inserted on the Halos to examine what actions were taking place; they were amazed to find flora and fauna beyond their wildest imagination, but were horrified to find out that a creature was being kept on the rings. Many canisters were filled with spore like spiders fo the flood, but nothing prepared them for what was next. The major disappearances of B-forerunner vessels was finally explained; B-forerunners were kidnapped and uses as experiments for the flood. Thus, the H-forerunner came to represent all that was evil of their kind. The Halos were being fired because attempts to contain outbreaks on the ring were still immature.

So, secretly, the B-forerunners had no choice but to give into wrath, and seek retribution. Since the B-forerunners were the majority, organizing the larger army was effortless. Numerous B-forerunners were ordered to lay seige to all the rings, and all occupied planets of the H-forerunner. The attack was accurately planned, and in outrage, the B-forerunner organized extermination squads, revealing that even a benevolent race is tempted in hellish ways. Most of the H-forerunner were wiped out, and the Halos abandoned. The forerunner A.I.s witnessed the war, but could not evaluate why a species would destroy itself with such furious emotions, and as a result, some A.I.s went rampant trying to find out why (343 GS anyone?).

However, the B-forerunners were tempted to find out everything the H-forerunners tampered with, and as a result, released the flood on multiple Halos. The A.I.s assumed the B-forerunners had the exact same agenda, and as result, were tricked into firing some of the rings, destroying most of their kind. The B-forerunners who fired the rings were so awestruck at what thresholds of genocide they had crossed, and tried retaliating against the A.I.s, but were met with superior H-forerunner technology (Precision lasers), and the B-forerunner (with PLASMA can see where this is going), wanting nothing to do with what they had done, abandoned all systems containing the rings. The current whereabouts of the forerunner, unknown. (evil laugh, bwa hahahaha)

Now we must see what happens afterwards, some H-forerunner were persecuted to the reaches of space, and some hid in caves of a lush tropical homeworld that they used to as a model for Halo's environments; today, it is called earth. The persecuted were left with very little, and as a result, explains the poor technology of humans compared to that of the covenant, but let's not forget the covenant either.

The early persecuted H-forerunners (now humans) were unaffected by the Halo installation 04, because it was not a Halo fired by the B-forerunner...but the covenant worlds were a different matter. Halo's blast only destroys all sentient life for the flood for a short enough period of time for the flood to die out. Let's think radically for a minute; Halo's blast could have triggered a DNA splicing of the B-forerunner civilians, and some DNA that coded for intelligence and emotions might have been altered in subtle ways, but DNA coding for physical characteristics faced drastic changes. Elites evolved differently on one world, prophets differently on another, and so on and so forth, but all were linked by a common ancestor, the forerunner. And we are linked to the forerunner as well, only Bungie would think of such an interesting plot

The covenant banded together under the prophets lead after scrutiny of the forerunner ruins; they use forerunner tech, so something must have survived the Halo firing. Halo is designed to destroy all sentient life, but not necessarily everything.

Technology was harnessed, and the Covenant entered the space age early, and that helped unify their intelligent races. But the core of the Covenant was religion. The B-forerunner were revered as gods, since most of the technology left for the Covenant was from them, which still was rendered obsolete by H-forerunner technology, or as we see with pitched battles on Halo 04, precision lasers vs plasma technology. The Covenant used the B-forerunner tech even better than they did, in terms of weaponry anyway. Their religion focused around the war between forerunners, and knew of the great pains both had suffered, so they perfected weapons technology, and established an almost absolutist unity under the prophecy, but nothing prepared any of the covenant for what they found next, Halo.

They landed, they searched, they were thwarted by the flood. To put short anyway. But religious archives (forerunner databanks) stated that these were the creations of the H-forerunner, or simply put probably by covenant standards, DEMONS. Demons that would unleash a hell upon all those who were tempted for power. Halo is a weapon of power, and as a result, the prophets declared that anything of H-forerunner design was evil, and should be wielded with caution. The Covenant used their effective weapons to destroy a ring, and end flood and H-forerunner A.I. threat near their homeworld.

Later in their examinations, they discovered what territory the H-forerunner used to hold, and discovered that is was occupied by a brash yet intelligent race, humans. Documents revealing the extent of the holy war (forerunner civil war) revealed that the complete extermination of the H-forerunner turned out to be inconclusive. Instinctively, they thought some had survived...

This through the Covenant in a frenzy, since they realized the evils of the H-forerunners, and their creations. The prophets ordered two years of study of the human race (which would explain why they broadcast in our language), and after the two years, completely destroy what is left of the H-forerunner, in essence, renewing and old war, and finally bringing it to an end.

Some evidence that supports my theory

-The elite symbol is not found on Halo at all I believe, so it might not have been a widely used symbol for the H-forerunner

-The grunts keep saying while shooting "die devil!"

-Guilty Spark is insane as a result of being exposed to a forerunner civil war with complex emotions he can't understand, and has spent so much time trying to, yet seems persistant in carrying out his tasks. He's spent time monitoring the communications of the H-forerunner, and as a result has had to learn multiple languages (ENGLISH...he spoke English people)

-The Covenant no doubt regard the H-forerunner as evil, but are willing to use their weaponry against them, which almost symbolizes a temptation from their form of hell. Halo is a holy place, but one that should be wielded wisely; obviously, as all those who try to wield extreme power, they fail

-I said the Covenant destroyed a Halo, which can be recently explained by the X-factor quote of us battling on multiple Halo ruins. BOOYAH!

Well I know I didn't cover every little detail, but this should give a very good yet general idea of where the Halo plot is leading. If anyone sees flaws, things I could build on, or if anyone has questions, I'm happily all ears.

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