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Re: The Flood
Posted By: Jamirus99 <>Date: 3/27/03 5:21 a.m.

In Response To: Re: The Flood (ragereset)

: I think what you've said about Vectors makes sense. I think the flood as we
: know them (their various forms in Halo) is just the result of spores
: infecting hosts. I think the true Flood is just the spores, and 343GS has
: locked the spores in with a lifeform that will sustain the spores
: indefinitely, and that this is what we see when we witness the 'Flood' in
: the 343GS level.

: Now this is interesting, because what were these organisms that were locked
: in with the spores?

: Forerunner?
: Covenant?
: A completely different race?

: Or have I lost the plot?

It is interesting to realize that the rangers aren't the Flood. I'd say they were probably some species that was created or perfected by 343 Guilty Spark because of its useful study properties. The plot, because it has expanded, isn't lost by drawng this in. In fact, it might really matter where the rangers originated. Good call!

My theory on the Flood

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