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Most Recent Post: 5/11/03 9:30 a.m.

"Questions are more true than answers"

So my journey as Jamirus99 continues. Following my breakthrough start on the HBO Forum, I quickly joined the regulars. After my Latin Lingo Litigate with Pallor in the beginning days of the Megg hunt.....well, I don't think I came off too badly. Finn and Mnemesis plotted against me though, turning my breakthrough theory of the Flood (the hyperlink is in all of my posts) into a major component of their April Fools 2003 "Halo: the Flood" summary joke. And so I now remain, ever striving to be funny, and maybe sometimes succeeding. If by chance you drop by this page, tell me what you think? Funny yet?

So a new chapter in my life on the forum opened up the morning of 4/23/03: Nobody else was on, and I responded too many times to different topics, setting off Postman. Now, I've made my apologies, and apparently the heavyweights on the board weren't bothered anyway. So, on a private post-it to Postman: sorry for setting you off. I'll try to keep my replies down and enjoy the conversations from a distance more often.

Whoopee, the Megg was found. All you people who didn't like it should shut up- it wasn't for you, so no judgment should be passed by you. And it looks like I got an honorable mention at the HSP again....anybody who hasn't read "My Theory on the Flood" should do so now!

Waroo! In the past two days a flurry of Halo 2 and Halo PC stuff has been (officially and unofficially) released. And after seeing the Halo 2 E3 trailer, all I can say is hold on to your hats: we're in for a ride!

With the advent of the the new forum changes (abolishment of top ten posters and the view count for each topic) new openings are made- people will have to judge all topics equally on the forum screen, ensuring that more topics are paid attention to, so people won't just look at the most looked at posts. I feel that this is a great step for the forum- people won't feel the need to just spam in order to reach the top ten, and so it will become QUALITY, not QUANTITY of the posts....and now my new link at the bottom of posts will be this page. If you want to read my Flood theory, search in the pre-E32k3 for "The Flood" by Jamirus99. and yes, "waroo" is my word!

Well, Poocho's packing up for three months, and I'm sad. Hopefully he'll be back at the end of the summer- but if not, Poocho, this space is for you.

Not too much has happened in these past months. (yeah, right) Vshields Ash has pretty much cracked the halo code and does awesome stuff in each level, and I finally gained, er, recognition with Skav's new story, "She Kicked Me Out and Kept the TV." Oh well, at least I'm a "forum regular" now ;)

Wow...the last few days have reinvented everything . First of all though, I have been remiss in taking note of the fact that the Weekly Review is back, and man does it help. I don't know how Louis does it sometimes....anyway, to the point: not only can you get the flamethrower in multiplayer (modded Xbox only) you can also get the gravity gun. Of course, even this development was overshadowed by what BOLL did yesterday, with help from forum go'ers: he got flyable banshees in Halo and Silent Cartographer, the Covenant engineers, guns that spew out everything from nades to sleeping grunts...and of course Master Chief-Marines whose AR's fire shade gun plasma! Good job BOLL, Dozi, and everyone else involved! Waroo, and w00t!

Poocho's back (and Pico!) , the hack's are wild, and Skav's "She Can Have the TV" series is wound up. Plus, Halo PC is nearing completion, and my full-page ad scan made it into the PRess Scans site. Woohoo!

Hmmm....perhaps I shouldnt've made that comment to The Monitor.....

Halo PC was released. And God saw it was good. And He saw it was fun. And He saw it had one of the deepest storylines ever and some of the best multiplayer action available. And as God was resting, he played Halo PC.....;-)

Whew! Halo PC single player looks like crap on my PC, but MP ain't half bad, when I can find a server that doesn't lag! Fear "zestyShrub" when he is in the Banshee or Rocket hog, for he will pwn you!

Lol, Wado's "new" story, Attack of the n00bs, Part 1 is great. As a sort of homage to Wado, I'd just like to say I loved the line about "what Finn said" just made my day!

Just wanted to add that people viewing this for the first time can always find good stuff doing a search around the time I posted something here.....

Whaaaa.....? KORHAL actually released movies?

Yep- when First Strike was released four days ago, yours truly was the second one to buy it from his local B&N. I must say, it's a spectacular read with many surprises. The Story Page has also been renovated, and I'm glad to see Finn and Mnemesis have stuck to naming the Flood spores "Rangers," the given name for them that I discovered. Yay.

Ah, my first update of the New Year. My time at HBO has been mainly limited to being the evil critic at fan fiction, but I do stop by the forums everyday when I can!

I go away for a week, I come back, and HBO is gone....oh, wait, that was just a dream. Uh...yeah. The IRC channel continues to delight. Nick you are NOT reading this!

Ah...the Gamespy Halo fights were great: there we were, 30 minutes before the Quake vs. Halo match ends, eagerly refreshing the page and counting down the minutes on the IRC channel. It was awesome when Halo squeezed out a victory.

Well. I had, as you can see, a period of nonexistence at HBO. I was drawn back by my love for Halo, and, well, for the people. So how bout that E3 demo? Looks like Bungie will have the last laugh after all when Halo 2 is released.

Gah. Remind me to never talk about Subnova and then forget to check the forums. Something like this invariably happens:


Hmm. So, summer arrives, and the Halo 2 updates, by Frankie, are really great. Since I was a fan of Nintendo around the time Halo launched, it's really exciting to be a part of everything this time around.

Wow. It's been a long time since I've had much to do around HBO, even rarely frequenting the IRC channel (moved!) so I was surprised by how vehemently I flamed forum goers when the noobs decided they didn't like Alta's step-in replacement Weekly Update. Frankie, thanks for owning them! And now I look forward to November with much more enthusiasm, thanks to Metatron’s mind-blowing Halo 2 theory. This could get interesting….

So Halo 2's been out. And, it's not what I was promised. And my first free 2 month subscription to XBL has already run out. My new gametag is Jamirus9.


My Jamirus9 gamertag is running out. I'll switch to Jamirus after I find another 2 month free card. I visit HBO a lot more in recent days, and I am heartened to not only see new faces (with intelligent minds!) but the regs that have always been here....and, apperantly, more than 2 people actually read this thing. Congrats, Mintz. Oh, and I have a mic now. Now if we could just get some updates to deal with these cheaters.....

In other news, Jillybean is now a HSP admin, and she's really been cleaning out the mailbox. What with Finn also being up and about, you could even deem the speculation as "perky."

Louis Wu: a fictional character; the star of Ringworld. His name is a front for the man who runs HBO. This man is rumored to like goats.

Count Zero: The "other Admin." You shouldn't be around him when he's setting up time-delays for bombs....

Shiska: Lord of the Skies.

Warbow: likes shotguns and beating Ross up.

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