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Old Flood Theory revisited
Posted By: Wado SG <>Date: 3/18/03 5:56 p.m.

The old theory was that the Covenant were glassing human worlds because there could be dormant Flood in hiding there. Long ago I called these the "Alpha Flood" or basically a form of the Flood that could hibernate in a sort of stasis for a very long time. It was mostly for my Fan Fic stories that I speculated about all of this.

Now more recently there has been discussions about asteroids being used to transport things on this forum by myself and others, including Ciarán, who had some nice thoughts.

I never really theorized on how these "Alpha Flood" ever got to different planets, until now. Here is the theory:

What living things do we know can survive a very long time? There are two, constructs (like 343 Guilty Spark and his sentinels) and the Flood. The Flood are at least as old as Halo by 343 GS stating the Installation was built for the containment and study of them. We know these have to be the original Flood because 343 GS was happy and surprised to see that some lived to reproduce (if he is talking about the Flood, which I think he is). If this was like the nth generation to reproduce, it wouldn't have been such a big deal to 343 GS.

We think that the Forerunners or 343 GS must have put the Flood into stasis on Halo -- why could the Flood not naturally do this to themselves. Why would it not be feasible if not expected that the Flood could survive long periods in some kind of natural stasis? Certainly there would be cases where they run out of viable hosts, wouldn't be just so much more threatening if the fact that there are no hosts around doesn't stop the Flood, because the Flood just goes into a sort of stasis and waits for new hosts to arrive.

Now let's talk about those rocks found in a meteor impact area in the Fall of Reach that contained navigation symbols used to find Halo. I don't think they were sent by the Forerunners, I think they were sent by the Flood. First, the Forerunners had Halos and probably ships that could move people around, they wouldn't need asteroids to move things. The Flood, however, seems to start kind of stupid (basically only acting to find more hosts to infect), but 343 GS implies that the Flood are intelligent. The Flood don't build their own ships, but seem to be able to assimulate the knowledge of their hosts. Is it the knowledge of the hosts that make the Flood intelligent or do they have intelligence on their own?

At some point the Flood is faced with the inevitable situation that there are no more hosts. What could they do? They could go into hibernation, but before doing that, they would want to do everything possible to find more hosts.

The Flood, using the star navigation knowledge of a space-faring race, could have found a way to seed asteroids with hibernating Flood. They then sent these asteroids on a collision course with planets identified as having potential life supporting atmospheres. Because the hosts found on those planets may have FTL technology, navigation symbols were placed on the asteroids so that the Flood (after having taken over the new hosts) could send a starship back to Halo and rescue the imprisioned Flood that lie domant there.

These asteroids could have gone everywhere, including planets inhabited by Covenant allied races. The Covenant may have a long history with the Flood, that is fighting against the Flood that infected their planets.

As for the Covenant finding traces of these asteroids on human worlds, well the Covenant had no choice but to glass these worlds because dormant Flood could be living there, hidden away until some new host happens to get too close to one.

Could you imagine that a Flood infested asteroid is on its way to Earth but has not yet arrived? Billions of humans on the world, how long until the Flood take it all?

- Wado

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