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Forerunners in Slipstream and Rock theory -long
Posted By: Wado SG <>Date: 3/11/03 5:58 p.m.

First a disclaimer, maybe I watched too much Starblazers when I was a kid or watched the movie Starship Troopers too much...

Now is it possible for people to live in Slipstream Space? In the Fall of Reach there certainly are ships traveling through it and other objects are in there. I recall the UNSC finding an asteroid in Slipstream Space (oh wait, that was a Covenant ship I think).

Anyway, I think the answer is yes. In that case, could it be possible that the Forerunners found a way to live in Slipstream Space?

Why this even matters relates to the this one item in the Fall of Reach Timeline: 2512 - A geological survey team on Sigma Octanus IV finds rocks with odd compositions - these were introduced from meteor impacts roughly 60,000 years ago.

Later we find that these rocks contained navigation symbols that Cortana uses to find Halo.

Why would a meteor contain navigation symbols? If it was not a mere meteor but a spaceship, would not the humans have figured that out? I mean our garbage might last more than 60,000 years, why would not the metal from a spaceship?

Lots of questions, how about a few answers... First, meteors and comets have long been thought to have the ability to create life when they interact with the atmosphere of planets. The Forerunners could have seeded this galaxy with life by placing the required ingredients on a meteor and hurling it at a planet.

This would take a very long time, UNLESS the meteor (rock) was fired from Slipstream and upon reaching near the target it entered normal space. This would allow the rock to travel faster than the speed of light, getting the job started much more quickly.

Of course the development of complex life forms from meteors would still take a very long time, if it even worked. However, let's not forget this is science fiction and if the humans have "Flash clones" why couldn't the Forerunners have ways to accelerate evolution. Things that might take millions of years might develop in thousands of years instead, then the acceleration could naturally slow down to allow life to develop normally.

Now if I were a member of an advanced space-faring society, I might suspect that these Forerunner meteors may have impacted on hundreds, maybe thousands of worlds. If I found this to be true, then that means any life forms found on these worlds could have been the result of Forerunner seeding. If one of these seeded worlds contained the Flood (a vicious race that is virtually unstoppable), I very well might start a crusade to rid this galaxy of all the Forerunner seeded worlds. This means eliminating all life on these worlds or "glassing" the planets.

In the meantime, my space-faring race would seek out these Forerunners.

Well that's the end of this speculation. I have one other and that is the thought that the Halo weapon sends rocks through Slipstream and these rocks are targeted at planets. When they hit the planets, the impact causes all sorts of problems (especially on water filled worlds) killing most of the life on the planets. Hey Halo could have millions of rocks around it already in Slipstream Space.

Thanks for reading this.

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