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Re: Forerunners in Slipstream and Rock theory -lon
Posted By: Gawyn [subnova] <>Date: 3/12/03 12:27 a.m.

In Response To: Forerunners in Slipstream and Rock theory -long (Wado SG)

: Anyway, I think the answer is yes. In that case, could it be possible that
: the Forerunners found a way to live in Slipstream Space?

I suppose it's possible. In fact, the Forerunners may have even anchored a planet (or sun, for that matter) in Slipstream Space and live quite happily, away from the rest of us. Very interesting theory.

: Lots of questions, how about a few answers... First, meteors and comets have
: long been thought to have the ability to create life when they interact
: with the atmosphere of planets. The Forerunners could have seeded this
: galaxy with life by placing the required ingredients on a meteor and
: hurling it at a planet.

This is an interesting idea, though it would require (basically) aerobraking the meteor in the planet's atmosphere. However, I have no doubt that a race capable of discovering/travelling through Slipstream Space would have little to no trouble calculating aerobreaking maneavours.

: Of course the development of complex life forms from meteors would still take
: a very long time, if it even worked. However, let's not forget this is
: science fiction and if the humans have "Flash clones" why
: couldn't the Forerunners have ways to accelerate evolution. Things that
: might take millions of years might develop in thousands of years instead,
: then the acceleration could naturally slow down to allow life to develop
: normally.

Accelerating evolution is quite a tricky thing, as it's 99.99% random chance. Still, it is an idea.

: Thanks for reading this.

Congratulations. This is the most coherent and well-thought theory I've seen on these boards yet (though that's not saying much, as the rest of them are utter crap). Top marks for imagination.

Certainly is interesting and within the realm of possibility.


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