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Re: Weirdest Halo Speculation Ever
Posted By: poena.dare #CP# <>Date: 2/8/03 7:36 p.m.

In Response To: Weirdest Halo Speculation Ever (rabidcowfromhell)

Good try, unfortunately, the realm meaning of Halo has almost been revealed by this person:

Positive -- I am a bit concerned since we, as Christians, are the New Covenant, and the aliens are religious fanatics that are called the Covenant. Further more the alien ship is called Truth and Reconciliation. These seem to be a clear play on Christian jargon. The graphics are great, but the more I played the more concerned I was with the structure of the game and its possible hidden meaning. My Ratings: [2/5]

--Rob Sweeten, age 31

Of course, if Grace Slick was involved on the development of Halo, I'd have to say you are completely correct.

In fact, if you consider the original lyrics to one of Jefferson Airplane's best known songs:

one gun is big and one gun is small
and the ones the elites drop don't fire at all
go ask cortana when she's ten feet tall

and if you go chasing grunts and you know you're going to fall
tell 'em a cannon firin' hunter has given you a smack
call cortana when she was just small

when keyes gets up and tells you where to go
and you just had a checkpoint and your mind is moving slow
go ask cortana, I think she'll know

when crewmen and marines have fallen sloppy dead
and the elites are talking backwards
and a flood has a shot off head
remember what guilty spark said
save his head
save his head
save his head

Bungie Sightings

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