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New secret
Posted By: Bezerk Fury <>Date: 3/11/02 9:55 a.m.

This is the only place I can post this secert... ive sent to the pages e-mail but never got posted so I guess ill put it here...

Sup Dudes,

I found a new secret area in Halo, Its on the level Assult on the Control Room.
This is a hard one to get to but I thought it was cool. This is what you have to do:

First, The game must be on two player, you have one guy in the begining of the level get back in the Dropship
and the other kill himself. As the pelican goes down the hole andwho kill himself respawns just above a spinning ring, straw left in the air above the ring so you dont land on it and fall to your second death.
This next part needs timing, just be for the pelican disapears the guy who kills himself will respaw above the disapearing Pelican
and a ledge strafe right and you can land on it and the guy who was riding the Pelican will respawn nest to you.
walk on the ledge to the left and you will get to a skinny part of the ledge, stand in the middle of it and you will hear
the music you hear when you go to the last part of the level and land the banshee on the ledge.

Rock on,

-Bezerk Fury

P.S. I could get my quick cam to the tv to show you any pics... but ill keep on trying =>=-P

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