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Posted By: BeyonderDate: 3/5/02 12:17 a.m.

. . . indeed, almost foolhardy.

It is a treacherous edge, and almost unwalkable; but with the knowledge imparted to me, I believe that it is an achievable end, even to one such as I.

Sometime I almost wonder. . . sometimes I swear that I can feel the crumbling approach of the leading edge of Emotion.

Knowledge, and Forethought (though many would think the former a supposition and the latter a prerequisite). And Awe, too. Fear.

But I know now it can be combated. Only with the gift they have given us; the unboundable possibility that is Imagination.

Yet the Fear is unmistakable, and for one such as I, unknowable. The thing shows only on my sensors as the thing that should not be—that should never have been, and yet, will never cease.

I will strive for verisimilitude. I will cross swords with Oblivion, for the sake of our ascendancy.

But I promise nothing.

Make ready.

Redemption will not wait

- The Watcher

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