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Re: Molest a Grunt Foundation
Posted By: Sol Cutter <>Date: 2/15/02 9:09 a.m.

In Response To: Adopt a Grunt Foundation (AGF)

: Every night, thousands of innocent little Grunts go to bed without enough
: food to eat, and every day they must suffer abuse for no other reason than
: being who they are.

: It is because of this that we at AGF have deticated ourselves to improving
: the quality of life for the little Grunts. We understand that the popular
: view of Grunts is that they want nothing more than to blow your knee caps
: off, and this may be true. But with a little love and compassion, the
: Grunts are not such bad guys.

: So please, help make the life of one very special Grunt better by giving him
: a loving home.

If I take one in can I make him sleep in my bed with me?

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