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Posted By: TomDate: 1/12/02 8:52 p.m.

me and buddy did the coolest thing while tryin to flip the i mean pellican ;)!!!!!!
ok we were doin co op so one of us was always respawning in weird places right? well my buddy somehow respawned on a ledge next to a rotating thing and now were making bets on who can do the most laps around the rotator with the other guy shootin him up!! its so sweet.
also we managedto fly the pellican all the way to the bottom and flip it while one guy was inside it. well, it stopped moving completely and just floated in the air. guess what?!? we were only bout 2feet away from the ground! so my buddy respawned fell the two feet and died for some reason, i jumped out fell the two feet and died too. it was way cool.
if anyone can beat our whopping record of 2 and a half laps around ill give him ... um.... so anyway its way cool!

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