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Further Halo Exploration, and oddity.
Posted By: Hayato <>Date: 12/14/01 4:14 p.m.

Since I've went thru and beat the game on both Heroic and Legendary,
I have been exploring Halo further and further and have seen some great scenary.

FOR EXAMPLE: I have gotten ON TOP of a few levels, including Truth and Reconciliation and 343 GS.

The views and land on the top of the Island in T&R is really great, but to get up there u must do co-op. First, drive up the path where the 2 Hunters reside. When you eliminate all of the enemies , drive the jeep back near the area where u drove up from. Dont go down the path, but right at the head of it, on the hill next to the hunter area, there is a little spot where u can park the jeep in between a tree and the side wall.

Next, get out and have one player get on top of the turret. Then you get on him and jump from him up onto the top. Once done, if u want ur freind up there to, kill him and let him respawn up with u. ENJOY.
343 GS - getting up and oddity

U can do this on single player. Imediatley when u get out of the dropship, run out to its nose, jump on the rock, then let the dropship rise. Jump off it's tail to the cliff side and youl make it. Note: it can take a few tries but its possible.

Oddities: The trees up here are 2D!!! Wha wha wha?! Besides that, if you keep traveling around up there u can find ONE SINGLE ALONE MARINE standing up there, not doing anything. At first I thot he was a Fl**D, but then i got close and studied him.

I got dibs on the discovery of this guy, and I claim it. Im going to email bungie about it. (who knows, maybe i get a reward for it) lol.
Have fun guys.

p.s. SOMEBODY, continue the exploration efforts! Find a way up the other levels! I almost got on top of HALO but it failed.
1 spot is where u go down to the first tunnel, go right, up the cliff wall instead of going down and u can almost make it!
The 2nd is, I got a Banshee safely down at the begining, but BUNGIE doesnt let you drive them. You can only FLIP them....


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Further Halo Exploration, and oddity.Hayato 12/14/01 4:14 p.m.
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