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Things you should NOT be able to do in a warthog
Posted By: Gastropod <>Date: 11/27/01 12:41 a.m.

I watched my brother and his friend play through the "Cartographer" Island level on Ledgendary. I was laughing the whole time not because of their skills but because of what they were doing with the Warthog.

Thier goal was to see how far they could get the vehicle in.... and they got it very very far!

So first thing... they drive the warthog into the first building with the locked door... not so hard. They left it there.

Next they need to go to the hologram thing to unlock the door. The path there is blocked by a tree.. with some work they get the warthog in... but the baddies blow them up and the downhill causes it to slide out. They get it in again with some work and this time drive over the baddies. They proceed to battle the Hunters and drive over them. They get up the cliff to the entrance of the building only to have the baddies blow the warthog off the cliff and back to the start on the beach.... but they are persistent... get it past the tree and finally into the building.
Down inside the building the warthog is blocked with boxes. I thought they would have to give up. But no.... they fill the warthog up with grenades and blast it overtop the box.
They now are able to drive the warthog all the way to the hologram... and the locked door in the other area is now open.

A new warthog is delivered in the crashed carrier. They drive this warthog to the first warthog at the now unlocked door. Now I am looking at this door and I figure... game over... the door is smaller than the warthog itself. But I was so wrong. One drives the warthog at full speed into the door. The front is now partially jammed in... but stuck. They take the second warthog and ram in the first!
Not content with having one warthog in an impossible door they proceed to jam the second one through... and get it in with grenades.

Now there is 2 warthogs in the corridors and a check point reached. The area with the endless pit was amusing because they would drive the warthogs off the ledge and try to get them stuck on outcroppings down below.

Driving around in tight corridors produced some amusing bugs. Sometimes the Master Chef would be pushed through the floor... or sometimes only partially pushed through and he would be stuck up to his waist.

They proceed to drive the wathogs into the interior of the building running over all sorts of grunts... they drive up ramps and so on... until a new challenge...... a small door like before.... but that will only open when you stand at the door.... the door will not open if you are in the warthog. To deal with the challenge one stands in the doorway while the other at full speed runs him over and jams it in the doorway. The door closes on the warthog. With one player standing at the doorway again one rear-ends the jammed warthog with the second warthog. Success! They did not try to get the second one any furthur. The first warthog falls down to the lowest level of the building...

Having reached the lowest level... the next challenge was to get them back up and out. But at this point they retired... the rest is left as an excersise for the reader.

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