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Psyrixx's X-Box Odyssey (kinda OT and long)
Posted By: Psyrixx <>Date: 11/15/01 3:45 p.m.

What follows is the story of my quest for the coveted X-Box. There are no Halo spoilers in this post.


When Electronics Boutique started taking pre-orders for the X-Box, I immediately went to their online store and put myself down. "I can easily have the cash for an X-Box by the release date," I said to myself. "No problem."

The months rolled by until 7 days before the scheduled release I had accumulated all but $75 of the cost of my EB X-Box preorder. I asked my older, well employed, cousin if I could bum $50 off of him because I was pretty sure I could work up the extra $25 with no problem. He replied by signing me over $100 that following Monday, three days before launch. I decided to hold off on cashing his check because I wanted to fix a little problem on my website and I could just as easily cash it the next day.

The following day, after I got home from cashing my check, I had an e-mail from Electronics Boutique telling me that because my account had insufficient funds they were unable to ship it to me on that date and that if I didn't contact them within 2 days my preorder would be cancelled.

"OMG! I could've had Halo a day early!" I thought. "DAMN! WHY didn't I cash that check yesterday!?!? Oh well, I'll call 'em up and they'll ship it tomorrow and I'll get it on launch day which will be fine anyways."

I called EB up and explained what happened and the customer service representative said that they'd try again the next day.

...but they didn't.

Using the EBOnline Order Tracking area, I noticed that they kept my preorder on hold all day Wednesday. I knew that meant that I wouldn't be receiving it on launch day and that made me relatively angry.

"Okay, I'll stay up all night and then go and camp in front of Target tomorrow at 5:00 AM and maybe I'll get a box on launch day. If I don't then I'll still have my preorder to fall back on."

This I did, and I managed to be number 14 in line for 22 X-Boxes. I was thrilled! At 8:00, the doors opened and I rushed over to the games area (since we were given tickets guaranteeing us X-Boxes...) only to find...

... no Halo.

"WHAT THE F*CK!?!?!?" I said to myself. "HOW can they not have HALO!??!"
Upon closer inspection, I realized that they were mainly stocking the X-Box sports titles, Project Gotham wasn't there and neither was Dead or Alive 3.

Unwilling to ditch my X-Box simply because they didn't have any good games, I went and grabbed my X-Box and a second controller (which brings my total up to 4 controllers... I bought a couple about two weeks ago because I'm lame. heheh) and decided to check the local "Fred Meyers" (like a walmart...).

An hour later I had been to Fred Meyers, K-Mart, ShopKo (another walmart clone...), and the local Electronics Boutique and none had Halo.

"Great. Just great. I have the console but I don't have any games for it."

Then, I remembered a little jingle. It went something like this:
I don't wanna grow up,
I'm a Toys 'R' Us kid!
There's a million things at Toys 'R' Us
that I can play with!
From bikes to trikes to video games,
it's the biggest toy store there is!
I don't wanna grow up because if I did
I wouldn't be a Toys 'R' Us kid!

I put down a wager with myself that Halo would be among the video games.
I was right. Fourty minutes later, after driving to Spokane like a psychotic, I saw the little claim ticket sitting in front of me.

I promptly snatched it (along with DOA3 and Project Gotham Racing...) and paid and received and came home.

I set up the X-Box and got everything ready. Then, I turned on my TV...
...and nothing happened.

"GOD DAMN WTF?????" I hollered.
I fiddled around with the TV and eventually got it to work again (I still don't know what was wrong...) and inserted the Halo CD.

I was finally home again.


Ok, so the "finally home again" thing is the only part of my story that makes it an Odyssey (well, that and the fact that I went to every store on earth before I found games...) but it's all true, unlike that piece written by Homer.

pshaw! What a load of crap. Come on, journeying all over unwillingfully just to see your family again? That's just lame. But journeying all over unwillingly to get Halo, now *that's* a true Odyssey.


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Psyrixx's X-Box Odyssey (kinda OT and long)Psyrixx 11/15/01 3:45 p.m.
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