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Re: Bungie Day
Posted By: Beorn <>Date: 1/24/13 4:22 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Bungie Day (katancik)

: With new consoles likely being around the bend, I wish to extend this thought
: to you.

: Most current rumors are that the new xbox's will be announced at their own
: event prior to E3. Some say a month, some say less, it doesn't really
: matter. This would also follow the MTV Xbox 360 announcement marketing
: that worked tremendously last time. I don't see why Microsoft wouldn't
: stick with it.

: If that's the case, then E3 is all about the games. Destiny being (basically)
: and Xbox exclusive at least for the first year, it would make a ton of
: sense to me that Microsoft would headline their E3 press conference with
: some Destiny glory.

: So a few morsels on or before GDC and then E3 is where it all goes loose.

You make a good point. I'm not sure what the current rumor situation for the new Xbox is, but you're right that the timing for that will likely be important for Destiny.

If there is indeed an impending announcement, Bungie (and Activision, or Microsoft, for that matter) won't wan't to announce Destiny for "old" 360 hardware. They'll want it on the newest, shiniest rig, so that alone may be reason enough to push Destiny back into the 2014 timeframe.

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