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Re: Marathon on iPad Textures & Free-ness
Posted By: Alexis J. Lojek <>Date: 7/7/11 12:46 a.m.

In Response To: Marathon on iPad now available (kidtsunami)

Regarding the 0.99 and 3.99 In-App Purchases for High-Resolution graphics and such...

Is that legal? If the developer (whom I do not know) simply used the hi-res versions from, then wouldn't it be completely illegal for him to be reusing those textures in his iPad remake if they're being charged for - it's not like the artists who re-did those textures are getting a cut. Don't get me wrong - I'm going to download the game (in fact, it's currently downloading on my iPad right now), and I have no doubt that the man who made it put a ridiculously significant amount of work into it - again do not get me wrong...but...if he's using textures that he did not create himself...then it should be completely free. Just an observation.


P.S. If anyone cares, The first thing I did after the game downloaded was I paid for the upgraded textures (lol) and I might get the MC/anti-Vidmaster mode...haven't decided yet.

Think about what I said!

: Bungie's classic first person shooter Marathon [iTunes] is now on the App
: Store for the iPad. The free download offers 27 levels divided into 6
: chapters. The interface has been modified to accommodate touch screen
: interaction of the iPad.

: Marathon was first released by Bungie Software for the Macintosh in 1994. It
: was a Mac exclusive launch and was released shortly after Doom was first
: released for the PC. Bungie later went on to be acquired by Microsoft and
: released the popular Halo game series for the Xbox.

: The iPad version of the game started off as a personal project by iOS
: developer Daniel Blezek but was later officially sanctioned by Bungie. The
: iPad version of the game is free to download, but an in game store offers
: two in-app purchase options. The first is called "HD Mode" for
: $3.99 and features new high resolution textures to replace the walls,
: floors and liquids. The second is Master Chief Mode for $0.99 which
: offers the ability to start on any level, infinite ammo, all weapons,
: instant recharge, invulnerability and instant save.

: source

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