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Re: Too soon.
Posted By: Arithmomaniac <>Date: 10/29/09 7:40 p.m.

In Response To: Too soon. (Jordan117)

: Halo was great, and a landmark for console gaming, but there are people who
: will argue that it wasn't even that influential as a video game, much less
: compared to the entire American cultural landscape.

I at least partially agree, but I can't resist two of my favorite quotes putting up a defense:

"Halo became a cultural touchstone, a Star Wars for the thumbstick generation."

Thompson, Clive. "Halo 3: How Microsoft Labs Invented a New Science of Play." Wired News. 21 Aug. 2007. Web. <>.

"Brian Bendis: I think Halo is our generation's Star Wars."

George, Richard. "Exclusive Interview - Halo: Uprising." IGN. 18 May 2007. Web. <>>

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