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Re: Ars Technica pans ODST
Posted By: Cody MillerDate: 9/21/09 12:18 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Ars Technica pans ODST (Narcogen)

: You mean, like back when they took fire and ambient life out of Myth?

: Or when they ported Marathon 2 to Windows and the mouse controls didn't work?

: You mean, those times when Bungie could do no wrong?

: Or maybe it was the time when Bungie created a great multiplayer game that
: was marred only by a single weapon so powerful you'd be crazy to ever drop
: it, but that lacked Internet multiplayer?

: Or the time they added online multiplayer to that game, but took out
: everyone's favorite weapon?

: Those times when Bungie could do no wrong?

Or the time they messed up mouse control in Marathon 1.1, or the time they released Myth with really bad AI, or the time they never patched Marathon 2, or the time they dumped Oni's multiplayer, or the time they published Weekend Warrior… Of course they make mistakes but they either fixed them, or they were small and didn't matter in the scheme of things (except maybe the Oni multiplayer).

: Certainly I think some outlets might still have concluded that the value in
: the box of ODST isn't quite what it was for the previous titles, but I
: think it'd be far fewer if it had been priced that way from the start.

Again, I don't think reviewers have any business making value judgements based on price, and I think Bungie's decision to charge 60 dollars for the game is irrelevant. What IS relevant is their decision to pad the game to make it plays longer because of that. A game that can be beaten in one hour but is so good you play it over and over again is better than a game that takes 6 hours but is filled with dull and uninteresting parts.

What do the games that people play over and over had in common? That's right, every second of their play is stimulating. From what I've been hearing, ODST is in fact TOO LONG (as are most games in general).

: He's going to chastise Bungie for the hub and spoke model as being
: "filler" because Halo fans "don't want to explore an empty
: city" and then plays a new title on Normal? I'm not sure he knows
: what Halo fans want. I count myself a Halo fan, and what I love more than
: anything are the worlds Bungie creates. I want to spend more time in them,
: not rush through as fast as I can. And I don't start out on Normal. If I
: start out on Heroic it's because I know I suck. Reviewers seem to play
: games on lower difficulties so they can breeze through and finish the game
: to write a review, and then blame the game for being short. It's a
: self-fulfilling property. Maybe Bungie ought to send out special reviewer
: copies locked to Heroic or above.

That's the point, and yeah Halo fans DO like exploring Bungie's worlds, but the city and HUB is apparently uninteresting to explore because it is a bland environment, and guess what, there are invisible barriers to prevent you from exploring the places that ARE interesting.

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