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Re: Lekgolo Civil War Afoot?
Posted By: Jagstirred <>Date: 3/5/09 11:19 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Lekgolo Civil War Afoot? (Speedhuntr)

: Hi! This is a pretty hefty for a first post.

: As far as I know, we only know that the few Hunters on Delta Halo at the time
: of the Brutes' takeover and the subsequent Sangheili High Council's
: execution teamed up with the Elites to take arms against Tartarus and
: Friends. Truth's propaganda machine I'm sure managed to cover up the real
: events from the rest of the Hunters in the Covenant..just like every other
: species that remained loyal into Halo 3. And based on the fact that no
: friendly Hunters were ever encountered in H3..and assuming none of the
: "Heretical" Hunters on Delta Halo survived...I personally don't
: see a Civil War based on this particular observation.

: However, I could be completely wrong.

: Again, welcome!

Well I guess I see your point. I overlooked the fact that I'm basing a theory off of a theory since the I said that some Lekgolo parted away. Though its pretty likely. But there has to be some sort've unrest since the citizens back home will probably ask what happened and alliances may shift. If worst comes to worst and a massive civil or maybe inter-planetary war erupts then the Sangheili may come in.

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