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Re: Lekgolo Civil War Afoot?
Posted By: Speedhuntr <>Date: 3/5/09 7:09 p.m.

In Response To: Lekgolo Civil War Afoot? (Jagstirred)

: Now most of us know that some Lekgolo after the Great Schism left the Covies
: and went home while others stayed loyal. But of course the Covenant got
: their hand slapped and were beaten and as the Covenant broke apart,
: everybody started to return altogether to their homeworlds.

: But I don't think everything can return to normal like that. Some Lekgolo
: idolized the Sangheili and respected them. That's why someof them split
: after the Schism. But technically that does not mean that the Lekgolo that
: stayed to aid Covenant and welcomed the new Jiralhanae with open arms. All
: their reason was (in my opinion) to just aid on the "Great
: Journey".

: Now my point is that when everything is fine and dandy then won't the Lekgolo
: realize where peoples loyalties are? I mean they almost betrayed their
: race by staying with the Covenant. They were probably called a Lekgolo
: version of Heretics as they stayed. So I think once they realize this
: treachery and great divide in their society then their probably going to a
: war with each other. I don't exactly know how peaceful they are but they
: almost created a Schism WITHIN a Schism.

: Share your Thoughts. And I thought this would be a good way to say hi to the
: community so.... Hello.

Hi! This is a pretty hefty for a first post.

As far as I know, we only know that the few Hunters on Delta Halo at the time of the Brutes' takeover and the subsequent Sangheili High Council's execution teamed up with the Elites to take arms against Tartarus and Friends. Truth's propaganda machine I'm sure managed to cover up the real events from the rest of the Hunters in the Covenant..just like every other species that remained loyal into Halo 3. And based on the fact that no friendly Hunters were ever encountered in H3..and assuming none of the "Heretical" Hunters on Delta Halo survived...I personally don't see a Civil War based on this particular observation.

However, I could be completely wrong.

Again, welcome!

My t00b

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