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Cinema Blend console multiplayer.
Posted By: Red_Breast <>Date: 11/3/08 3:51 p.m.

Has anybody read the Cinema Blend piece?

I can understand how some people who really like a game can get frustrated if they can't find a game.
But I've come across similar posts ever since the days, that the author mentions, of Quake 2 and Dark Forces 2.
Isn't it just the way the world rolls? A quality game will be played by a lot of people which in turn draws more people as they know it will be easy to find a game.
It's been the same all the way back, and further, to Quake 2 and Jedi Knight.
I know some games when they appear get a small online following and for a couple of months you can usually get a game. Then less and less people play. The author says "Server hosts should start changing things up a bit; offering more incentives to lesser known, or lesser played games." I can imagine the people that were playing the game played it as it was new but lost interest. I think when a game comes out if it looks like it could compete with the big guns it will show straight away.
When Halo 3 gets it's new maps it freshens it up but it's all there from day one.
Take one of the games mentioned. Blacksite: Area 51. Would I be taking the author out of context if I was to ask "what incentive would you need to stop playing Halo 3 and play Blacksite?" That's what he seems to be saying. I think it will take a bit more than some new maps. I think the devs/publishers would be bankrupt in no time.
If the author reads this like I said I do understand the frustration. But it appears to me that it's just one of those things you have to accept. The only suggestions I've come across are to start a game yourself and wait or maybe start a web site to arrange games/community on.

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Cinema Blend console multiplayer.Red_Breast 11/3/08 3:51 p.m.
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