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Further thoughts on 'Flood as an Individual'
Posted By: SonofMacPhisto <>Date: 6/9/08 1:33 p.m.

In Response To: Gravemind at the End of Halo 3 (SonofMacPhisto)

Shite... now I keep thinking of the Flood in terms of being a single individual. That makes them EVEN WORSE...

Even in their early stages, like on Installation 04, they are still parts of one individual... it just had not reached a point where it could express itself to us. Or, it already had on Installation 05, so the Flood you faced in Halo CE: were part of that individual (the Gravemind).

This makes sense to me, because the 'proto brain form' Keyes was turning into may not have been a Gravemind, but simply the mechanism by which they would control the Truth and Reconciliation.

After all, he was a ship captain. And you had seemingly killed the Shipmaster in the first 'T and R' level. Keep in mind his neural implants, their purpose, and Keyes being able to crash the PoA MANUALLY at the beginning of the game.

In the end, I think that shows Keyes wasn't getting turned into a Gravemind, but a sort of Flood version of a ship captain.

Curiouser and curiouser...

: What about when Gravemind says something to the effect of, as you run to the
: warthog,

: 'Defeat is merely the passage of time, of a sentence I never deserved.'

: And when he says it, he almost sounds depressed. Like... 'crap, the ring is
: going to fire and I have to go through this AGAIN!'

: Has anyone come up with any thoughts on this? I haven't thought of anything
: substantial, other then this line is underrated, and more important then
: we realize.

: Also... it occurs to me that Gravemind refers to himself in the 1st person
: exclusively. That's interesting to me, considering he is supposed to be a
: hive mind. Maybe we are looking at the flood all wrong? Perhaps it's
: better to think of them as ONE individual made up of countless disparate
: parts? What do we think of that?

: And yes... for better or worse, then end of 'Indiana Jones and the Crystal
: Skull' made me think of this. If you've seen it, you know what I mean. :-D

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