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Re: Missed one.
Posted By: SlithDate: 12/5/06 12:43 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Missed one. (Konrad)

: I only put in the ones that were real/serious questions, but I missed that
: one.

Here are all the ones I could see:

[Side Note: I fixed up some of the grammar, and merged questions into one line if they were on multiple.]


Angel - My question:
Are the models of the kids supposed to represent John and Kelly, and if so, is there a specific time frame that they're in, such as during a training op or something?

Frankie - The children at the start are there "for your interpretation."
Frankie - Are they young Spartans? Are they Earth kids from the 20th century? It is a question presented in the ad, not an answer.

FG_Infinite_7 - Frankie, my Question:
Why the shot with the hand armor? Its brought up enough controversy.

Frankie - What do you mean why? It's a 1st person shot of the Chief's hand.
KP - He's referencing the Halo 2 assets in the valhalla first person shot.
Frankie - Oh.
Frankie - That was because KP nubbed up the shot.
KP - But it's a dumb question anyways
KP - Yes. It was me.
KP - I suck.
Frankie - Haha.
goatrope - Noob.
Frankie - It was because then we didn't have 1st person view armor.
Frankie - Now we do.
Frankie - Simple scheduling thing.

Hawaiian_Pig -
Is the "bubble" grenade related to Forerunner tech in any way?

Frankie - The tech of the Bubble Shield is top secret, ONI-owned.

KP -
Any comment on when this takes place? The trailer, that is. The halo 3 part. Not the wee'uns.

Frankie - When the ad takes place?
Frankie - It takes place near or around the events of the E3 trailer.
Frankie - When those are is a spoiler.
Frankie - So I won't say.

Ironlion -
Who says "Time to go" as Master Chief gets up in the ad?

Frankie - The little girl.
Frankie - A little girl.

Landis -
Has anyone asked about a sprint option in the game, the whole "x = sprint" bit? If not, I would like to.

Frankie - Not discussing X button.

masterskill -
Group at the end with the Wraiths(?); Brutes, or some new folk?

Frankie - Brutes.
Frankie - One has a hammer.
Frankie - Those are Wraiths.
Frankie - New Wraiths.

PhantomFaux -
Are you, Frankie going to star in Halo 3, say as as guest spartan or a marine or some other role in the game?

Frankie - No. Worst, question, ever. Me in game.

Slith -
Will the shield grenade be the fourth grenade type we can use in Halo 3 - alongside the frag's, plasma's and spike's?

Frankie - Why does the shield have to be from a grenade? Obviously the object is grenade-like. But who says it's a grenade?

Veegie -
What were the high pitched screaming during the time frame transition? Will the shield be incorporated (or planned to be) in the release candidate?

Frankie - The high pitched screaming was a transition to the explosion noise.
Frankie - It was artsy.

Narcogen -
Grenade or not, does the "not indicative of gameplay" caveat apply to the special shield the Chief used in the advertisement-- in other words, is this something we should NOT be expecting to see in gameplay?

Frankie - Not indicative of gameplay means, these images were not captured from the gameplay engine.
Frankie - Anything else is up for interpretation.

goatrope - Frankie:
Why don't they make MC's shield out of the shield grenade stuff?

Frankie - Goatrope, because then it would be the world's lamest speedrun.

P_40E -
Will there be a sprint available in the game?

Frankie - Not answering specific gameplay features. (sprint)

sor -
Is there a change at some high resolution (higher then the released videos) screenshots of things like, the jump, or the blast coming down on the shield for use as wallpapers? Do you have any 720p h.264 versions?

KP - Screenshots of the trailer are on the way.

Konrad - Frankie,
WHERE does the trailer take place?

KP - The trailer takes place on earth.

FW -
Are you guys making your milestones?

KP no comment, Miguel.

Frankie - Actually the stuff with the kids was filmed on a set they filled with grass.

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