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Re: Cortana confirmation
Posted By: Peptuck <>Date: 10/17/06 12:30 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Cortana confirmation (Brannon Boren)

: Nothing is canon until it appears in a publicly released product, such as a
: game or novel. I was sure that particular bit was spelled out in the
: second novel, but upon review it appears I made a mistake. It *has* been
: years since I read it.

: I'm just a civilian now. I don't have any inside information on the current
: goings-on with Halo. I was just adding something that I thought was in the
: book (like any fan might), but it turns out I recalled it incorrectly
: (like any fan might). Apologies to y'all (and to Bungie) for the error.

: Since the nature of the chip Keyes transfers from the PoA to the MJOLNIR suit
: *isn't* actually specified in the novel, it's not possible to say with
: certainty what it is. Maybe Nylund can clear it up in a future novel...

: Your guess is as good as mine :-)

: Brannon

Cool. Thanks for responding, man. I guess the direction of Halo canon isn't as homogenous as we all thought it was, eh? :P

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