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Re: Cortana confirmation
Posted By: mercuryDate: 10/16/06 12:57 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Cortana confirmation (roland)

: If this is in access key for the mjolnir suit, then why does he need to take
: out the key and plug it into Halo's system during AotCR? Why would the
: authorization key for Halo be the same as a Mjolnir suit, also now that I
: think of it, regardless of what Cortana's crystal is, how the heck does it
: fit into Halo's computer so easily?

: The fact that Mjolnir and Halo's systems can both take the same crystal is
: somewhat intrigueing, regardless of the purpose. I would have to say that
: BS or not, this is a very interesting concept and probably worth probing
: around at and debating.

They aren't saying that Cortana can only exist in a special crystal memory that the Halo's share with the suit, but that the crystal in the armor is the only material dense enough to hold a program her size. There doesn't have to be any connection.

Also, Cortana might have simply used the key to hotwire a connection to Halo, so they found the best fitting slot and gave it a try.

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