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Re: Cortana confirmation
Posted By: roland <>Date: 10/16/06 10:12 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Cortana confirmation (Peptuck)

: You'd be shocked, awed, amazed, and surprised by the amount of similarly
: well-constructed, unique information that gets added to some of the Halo
: articles that is also 100% BS. That's why verifiability is so important
: for Wikipedia...and no one seems to follow it >.>

: Interesting. This makes for a compelling case to keep the information, but at
: the same time I'd prefer it if I could get official word. But thanks for
: pointing this out. I'll revert it back into the article until I can verify
: the truth of the entry.

If this is in access key for the mjolnir suit, then why does he need to take out the key and plug it into Halo's system during AotCR? Why would the authorization key for Halo be the same as a Mjolnir suit, also now that I think of it, regardless of what Cortana's crystal is, how the heck does it fit into Halo's computer so easily?

The fact that Mjolnir and Halo's systems can both take the same crystal is somewhat intrigueing, regardless of the purpose. I would have to say that BS or not, this is a very interesting concept and probably worth probing around at and debating.

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