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Re: HGN observations - long **spoilers**
Posted By: Guardian [cheaptrickfan09] <>Date: 9/26/06 4:47 p.m.

In Response To: HGN observations - long **spoilers** (Ciarán)

: In no particular order: The Legate on the Infinite Succor was
: "minister for etiology". Etiology is the study of the cause(s)
: of disease(s). Who better to know things about the Flood? It is also clear
: from the Prophet's comments that knowledge of the Flood is potentially
: open to anyone who wishes to study their (religious?) documents, and that
: the Prophets a) know about the Flood, and b) see them as an obstacle or
: test to overcome before setting out on the Great Journey. With this
: Prophet's demise, how will this impact on the Covenant's (detailed?)
: knowledge of the Flood, seeing as the minister who is probably responsible
: for their study is now doing some up-close field work :)

Good point. Let's assume that this is true, and the Legate is the 'expert' of the Covenant's knowledge of the Flood. He's now a Flood himself, and so the Flood now know everything that the Legate knows. Maybe they can find a weakness in the Covenant's knowledge of the Flood. Let's say the Covennat assumes something about the Flood that is untrue; the Flood could exploit this false belief. It's obvious, I know. Plus, we don't know how much the Covenant know about the Flood. They could know as little as we do, or they could have a very deep, intricate knowledge.

: We don't actually see the destruction of the Infinite Succor, so there is
: the possibility that the proto-Gravemind being constructed onboard was
: able to use the prophet's override codes to change the co-ordinates of the
: Slipspace jump in time to escape.

I thought about this, too. Who knows if the ship was destroyed or made it. I think it's very obviously set up that way.

: I loved the artwork in Breaking Quarantine. Full of movement and detail -
: highly atmospheric. The lack of dialog didn't bother me one bit - who
: would Sarge talk to anyway :) As for the plot being disappointing (he
: "just walks out"), I disagree. He clearly has to fight his way
: out, dealing with being sent flying across the room, leaping from a
: disappearing light-bridge, fighting off the Flood with no shields or
: armour. Bad ass and a half! As for what Johnson may or may not be, see
: down below where I talk about P.122

My thoughts, exactly. And as for the light bridge jump . . . you have no idea how many times I tried to do that in game. There's that one light bridge that's flickering on and off, so I tried to run as far as I could and then jump right before it turned off to make it. I never did. :(

: I liked Armour Testing, and the computerised colouring reminded me of Akira
: - which I never completed collecting :( I think the story really showed
: how good the Spartans are. I doubt even the ODSTs could have taken those
: shots from free-fall, and it did take a room full of them to take her down
: in the end.

My question, though, is did they actually ever take her down? I mean, sure all the ODSTs are piled on her, but it seems as if she could just throw them off. I guess it's not really that important, though.

I absolutely loved the gallery. I just wish they were available on-line, in all the hi-res glory. Some of them would make absolutely spectacular wallpapers.

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