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Shark at the other bridges
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 9/25/06 12:27 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Playing 'Shark' at AOTCR's first bridge (hminn)

: What's more challenging is doing 'Shark' on the still-inhabited double birdge
: section later in the level. Dodge those stickies from the other bridge!

Twin bridges

Silly me - I hadn't actually tried playing Shark at the 'twin bridges', but following your prompt, I've now given it a go. Oddly, the camera was extremely jerky to start with, even though the underside of the bridge is flat. I guess the Banshee was getting impeded by obstacles actually on the bridge. After some experimenting, I found that you could make things less jerky by flying along while pointed up slightly, which makes the camera very close to floor-level (nice and dramatic). Doing that, I was able to fly along and enjoy watching loads of enemies dive clear. Due to the side barriers it's hard to get the minor enemies or Hunters to actually jump off, but I did get a few grunty fools airborne. I'll have to play around with this some more.

Another thing I found is that you can kill enemies by impact as you fly along, or if you fly up at them (you can sometimes see the roof of the Banshee break through the floor when you do that). The transparent panels make things good for flying up at enemies, as you can see them. But hey, enemies are able to shoot plasma down through those panels! My Banshee took a steady beating before it got too smoky and I had to revert.

Fortunately there's a convenient checkpoint for shark play at the twin bridges. You can set things up like this. Fly a Banshee up there before it's populated (before you've been indoors in this area), and park it by the door. Dismount and go down in the lift, then head through the room. When you eventually trigger enemies behind you (two Elites and a small army of dozing Grunts), turn around and head back up to the Banshee. You'll get a checkpoint just before emerging onto the bridge. Of course, there's a second batch of enemies that get triggered just as you're starting to come back the other way on the opposite bridge. With a bit of planning, it's possible to have both sets of enemies triggered before you start tormenting them. Those are some pretty crowded bridges!

Underground bridge

I also explored shark play at the underground bridge. Yep, more fun there too, and you can make the bridge more populated by letting enemies from the previous two-Wraith area come on through. The camera is fairly smooth as you skim along underneath in predator mode. But as with the twin bridges, the side barriers make it hard to get Grunts, Jackals and Hunters to leap off. Incidentally, you can get the far Hunters onto the bridge by putting them into rage mode (e.g. bounce several sniper shots off their armour), so they come after you.

Ice bridge

The ice bridge in the final part of the level is too thick for shark play, but if you do skim along underneath, you can get an interesting glitchy view of the enemy. The camera ends up inside the bridge and you can see through to the top, where enemies now look as though they're walking in mid-air. Worth a look. It's possible to get enemies to dive by flying up at the bridge though; and this time there are no side barriers.

I've now added an extra paragraph to the end of my account, to give these extra locations a mention.

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