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Re: I'm old school.
Posted By: Cody MillerDate: 8/4/06 12:07 p.m.

In Response To: I'm old school. (Miguel Chavez)

: I don't agree with that post. THIS is what I (well, more or less as applied
: to Halo) agree with:

: Just vid it... with style!

: Nothing looks *more* UNstylish to me then to exploit a glitch and skip parts
: of a level. It's not that I think it's pathetic, or that you're a loser if
: you do it... it just doesn't count as the highest accomplishment to crow
: about in my eyes. Someone tells me he beat the game, killing *all*
: enemies, or stylishly dispatching lots of them, now I am impressed. And
: the shorter the time, the more impressed I am. As the rules page above
: mentions... it's in the eye of the beholder, in other words *there are no
: hard and fast rules that can be applied to every single level* You watch
: the vid, you get to decide whether the run is justified or not. I know
: when I've watched earlier speed runs in Halo 1, and I see all this
: fighting and action going on, and then a grenade to a shield, a careful
: positioning on the shield as it recharges, and then POP! you're up above
: the map vertices... it's neat, and certainly clever that it was
: discovered, exploited, etc... but it can no longer capture the title of
: 'best run evuh!' in my book.

: - M

I hope you didn't forget that to be a real vidmaster, you need to be able to climb 2 WU with your assault rifle. Grenade jumping means shortcuts.

I'm pretty sure several of the vidmaster films are "speedruns", in that they don't kill everything and skip sections of the level, such as "Ten thousand slimy things", "Aye Mak Sicur" and "Eat the path".

Granted, I was not a fan of many vidmaster films. Not because they were unimpressive, but that with fists only it was not entertaining to watch. It simply took too long. Speed is usually entertaining. To me watching somebody fall down the shaft of Silent Cartographer, and fight back up, in under 4 minutes, is more impressive than killing every enemy. However you inevitably reach a threshold where further speedups sacrafice entertainment value. It's not just limited to Halo.

Speedruns for games like Sonic and Megaman have gone from skillful runthroughs, to glitchfests and pure mayhem. One of my favorite speedruns, for Half Life 2 in 2:14:58, was a great mix of action and tricks. A lot of areas were skipped, but they were done in such a way that was logical and amazing, and I appreciated the creativity involved. The areas that were not skipped, were all completed with amazing skill. It was the perfect balance of exploits and skill.

The run has since been brought down to 1:36:50. This version takes the glitches to the extreme with some bizarre bugs being exploited, and at times I was not sure what was going on. Was it faster? Yes. Was it more entertaining? Not at all.

Would a run of Marathon that skipped almost all of Cold Fusion by grenade jumping in the beginning instead or raising the platform be unimpressive? I've done it, and having to jump off of 2 walls to get up there, it isn't easy. Is it more impressive than playing the level through? I think it might be.

In the end, we are HIGH SPEED Halo, and will continue to go for speed in any way possible short of outright cheating. I've always wanted to keep old videos for download, because there's a lot of really good runs that have since been obsoleted by less entertaining versions. However, the bandwidth is not mine, and it's not infinate.

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