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Re: Decoding Installation Identifications
Posted By: GLuebben <>Date: 5/10/06 8:31 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Decoding Installation Identifications (Napalm Firebomb)

: Why would the symbol for Delta Halo, Installation 05, appear on Installation
: 04, "original" Halo?

Good question I cannot account for and considered myself. Although, one might consider "delta" as "change". Perhaps this is an installation with which the Covenant are already familiar and a basis for their navigation?

: Also, why would the symbol for the Ark be on Installation 04?

That's rather simple, actually. I thought more about it than I needed to, I believe. Perhaps the context of "Ark" in the glyphs has also come to mean "control station" or "control point". We believe the Covenant know of the Ark and its capacity to control the other installations, so its possible the glyph has developed other context and meanings.

: Similarly, why would the symbol for Installation 03 appear in multiplayer for
: the “original” Halo?
: See the same page, screen shot "Either end of Longest and Blood
: Gulch".

Those are far trickier and I've no thoughts of my own on them. *shrug*

: I think the key to unlocking the meaning of these symbols is to establish
: contextual relationships, both between the symbols themselves and their
: environment.

: The first step is documenting where all of the symbols occur in Halo 1 and
: Halo 2. From there, we might be able to establish more meaning.

I couldn't agree more! :) The issue is walking through everything to get that done ;)

Scientific Method and Fortress World IDs (pdf)

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