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Re: Decoding Installation Identifications
Posted By: Louis Wu <>Date: 5/10/06 7:18 a.m.

In Response To: Decoding Installation Identifications (GLuebben)

: ** Wild speculation and I apologize if this has been brought up, previously
: **

: A thread posted, tonight, by Rachda
: ( caused me
: to ponder Astro the Space Duck's glyph documentation
: ( The glyph
: indicated by Rachda possibly indicates the location of the Ark, or
: Installation 0, 00 or 0,0. That glyph's 'observer circle' appears in
: quadrant I. If that glyph is then rotated through the remaining 270
: degrees of the circle, the 'observer circle' appears in each remaining
: quadrant. This is also true of the glyph that appears to be, for lack of a
: better term, a lock.

: These glyphs appear in blue and red in Halo, suggesting 'benign' and
: 'warning' or 'danger' to me. I was never quite able to put that red glyph
: into words, until tonight. Rachda's posts helped me apply the word 'lock'
: to that glyph.

: I wrote up the document, below, tonight. Unfortunately two of the glyph
: images freaked out.

This is actually pretty cool - seemed a shame to let it be ruined by your freaked-out glyphs... so I recreated it.

Nice work!

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