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Re: ARR It's Flooding Matey's!
Posted By: Sir BluntDate: 7/31/05 5:35 p.m.

In Response To: ARR It's Flooding Matey's! (Slith)

The speculation about the brain stuff is a little off. The brain is the first thing to die when we stop breathing/ obtaining oxygen. After a few min the brain get oxygen starved and the cells start spitting out free radicals and rupturing killing the cells next to them causing those cells to rupture and so on and so on. So after death the brain should in theory be pretty much usless with no salvagable synapses and what not.

So, my guess is, if this much thought was actually put into flood boilogy, they can only salvage memories from live, or very very freshly killed hosts. In addition, since brains die so quickly, the flood are probably the only working brain in the host....actually the more i think about this the more the dead body thing doesnt make sense. the flood would have to actually grow new motor neurons through the body to controll anything if it had been dead for very long at all. They rupture almost as fast as brain neuron. and now i forgot what my origional point was.

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