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Re: Flood Ranger?
Posted By: SlithDate: 7/27/05 11:10 a.m.

In Response To: Flood Ranger? (Hikaru-119)

Well, part of the theory [which wasn't clearly stated] was that the Flood released spores into the atmosphere much akin to a fungus. These spores once inhaled/taken into an organism's system, quickly reproduce and replace the hosts' cell's with Flood biology. Thus, in some cases an infection form is not at all required for the infection.

By the way, 343 Guilty Spark refers to the Flood Ranger in the library, and his description of it leads me to believe that the Flood Ranger, and Infection Form are one and the same.

Looking at Spark's use of the word ranger leads one to believe that whatever it might be, it moves around a lot, possibly hunting for prey. This certainly suites the infection form.

Also the known minimum amount of Calcium the Flood require for infection is 1.5kg or 2.5lbs. This is deduced from the average weight of a human male - which we know is susceptible to infection, and the average amount of calcium in a human body. Of course it's fully possible the Flood don't even need that much.

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