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Re: ARR It's Flooding Matey's!
Posted By: Hikaru-119 <>Date: 7/27/05 10:46 a.m.

In Response To: Re: ARR It's Flooding Matey's! (Anton P. Nym (aka Steve))

: Hmm... just going by what Bungie has released (specifically their saying that
: the Forerunners "encountered" and "met" the Flood) I
: think that the Forerunners didn't create them, but did inadvertantly
: release them on an unsuspecting galaxy.

: Think of it like this; a Forerunner ship finds a novel species on a planet
: (I'm betting gas giant, due to analysis in other threads by a bunch of
: folks) and takes a sample. One sample Infection Form gets loose, posseses
: a Forerunner, learns of the interstellar smorgasbord now available,
: reproduces, and hijacks the ship. This plague ship hops from planet to
: planet spreading the contagion for a while until the Forerunner figure out
: what's going on, but by then a simple quarantine isn't possible as there
: are too many contaminated worlds with ports and ships available.

: Then the war begins, but by then it's being waged on a thousand fronts.
: Yikes.

: -- Steve might have nightmares about this scenario.

A gas giant? Technically the Flood (and the player) should be crushed by the gravitational forces of a gas giant. But it seems Bungie over looked this detail.

Guardians of High Charity (All Elite XBL clan)

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