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Re: Cassandra is...
Posted By: GryphonOsiris <>Date: 4/4/05 3:29 p.m.

In Response To: Cassandra is... (7ack [MetalSilver])

: ...a Spartan.

: dun dun dun

: I'm sure this has been thought of before, but I decided to post my opinion.
: Think about the facts.

: 1) She refers to John as 117. If she was a Spartan he grew up with, she'd
: definately call him that on occasion.

: 2) "though I know you won't" She knows him well enough to act like
: a close relative, one that feels at ease making fun of him.

: 3) She is high enough to recieve word that John was on the Halo, and what
: happened there. The government must feel perfectly comfortable giving her
: extremely confidential information.

: 4) "I'm glad you made it; I have to assume you always will." So
: she's known him since the very beginning. Only officials and his fellow
: Spartans were around him then.

: 5) She's going through recovery and rehabilitation. She also is calm enough
: to not complain about recently losing her skin. Sound like a Spartan to
: me. Preferably one that failed the enhancements and had their bodies
: ruined, almost.

: 6) She's interested in the Mjolnir. Enough to let it take up a third of the
: letter. She's also studied both the Mark V and VI's. And can openly
: discuss their specs.

: 7) "We miss you John." She's part of a group of people who know his
: name. And that means that the "we" are people who are in the
: same place as she is, and have also become emotionally attached to John.
: Whereas a normal Spartan, wouldn't be part of a group, wouldn't have the
: free time to write a letter, and wouldn't be in a recovery station (seeing
: as if their not dead, they don't stop).

: 8) I assume that if she is trained all the way to half-become a Spartan, she
: would feel very cold in a white patient clothing thingy. And with weak new
: skin.

: That's all I can skim up with. Hope you like my list, please leave comments.

: -MS

I agree completely, he knowledge of John 117, and the Spartan project is too much for any non-Spartan (well, except us Halo-philes). Sherlock Holmes, "Whatever the evidence points to, however unlikely, must be the truth." The evidence is pretty solid to her being a Spartan-II. As for the reskinning, perhaps it is skin grafts, plasma burns maybe. On that I can only specuate.

Honor and Valor

Legendary Beer Stein

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