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Re: Gadzooks
Posted By: Loren Petrich <>Date: 2/26/01 5:33 p.m.

In Response To: Gadzooks (Matt)

: - Thereís an acceleration screen on the chain gun now, so as you drive the
: jeep around the gun and the chain of bullets feeding into it bobble around
: realistically.

Acceleration screen?

: - Brake lights and headlights work again.

I wonder how they are implemented; will they be attached objects with glow-map textures? The Marathon series, or at least M2/oo, features glowmapping, in the form of textures that are given less sensitivity to light. The OpenGL version of Aleph One implements glowmapping with extra textures with non-glowing areas transparent.

And I wonder how illuminating of surroundings will be implemented; vertex lighting is OK for objects smaller than the lighting's length scale, but any bigger will require lightmaps. This might seem awkward, since lightmaps for headlight illumination may have to be calculated on the fly. However, one will probably not need very precise lightmaps, since interpolation can easily supply the necessary smoothness.

: - Stars twinkle. :-)

That will be fun to see. I wonder how that was done -- with a star texture that gets variable per-polygon lighting? There may have to be several such star textures so that the stars won't all twinkle in sync.

: - The Online Team got the basic UI prototype up and running.

Online Team? For something like's support of Myth netgames?

: - Stephen is working on reload and recoil animations.
: - Marcus has the player hopping into the jeep in a realistic way again.

Seems like a lot of animation to do :-)

: - Bernie is still working on mirrors.

I wonder what's the difficulty. Mirrors can be done by rendering from a mirrored viewpoint, but one has to ensure that only one only sees what's at the mirror area itself, which cannot be guaranteed to be a rectangle in screen space. One possibility is to use a Stencil Buffer; this can further be optimized by shrinking the viewport to a screen rectangle that encloses the mirror area with a minimum of non-mirror wasted space.

: - The interior of the covenant ship weíre working on now is huge; a massive
: structure of curvy, shiny metal and these enormous docking bays for
: dropships.

Shiny? Presumably rendered with reflection textures.

: - The mighty Chris Butcher is beautifying the AI. Heís revised and expanded
: Jasonís AI plan, which was pretty extensive and impressive to begin with.
: Jason is spending a lot of time ducking behind various objects to show
: Butcher how he wants the AI to behave. Thatís his excuse, anyway. The AI
: is already much more intelligent than it used to be, surrounding the
: player from multiple elevations, picking the best spot from which to fire
: at you, and generally making your life unpleasant.

2001 isn't anywhere close to "2001" in AI, but this does seem like a valiant attempt to bridge that gap.

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