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Re: Gadzooks
Posted By: rosignol <>Date: 2/26/01 8:55 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Gadzooks (Cunbelin The P.A.R.S.)

: No no what I'm talking about is the quality of animation, beleive it or not,
: hand done animation is going to look much more alive than either Roto or
: Mo-Cap, both can be used for research and the animation adapted from them
: but straight roto and Mo-Cap is not a good thing, it looks far less alive
: than what you'll get otherwise.

Dunno. I've seen it done both ways, and while a master animator can do a beautiful job, someone below that level just looks wrong- the movements usually look either too stiff or too exaggerated... Roto at least looks like it's based on a real person's movements. I'm not worried- based on the movies we've seen so far, it looks like whoever's doing them is damn good.

: To respond directly to your post, I sure hope they don't speed up reload to
: much, reloading is a far to underused to help weapons balance, witness the
: SPNKR, the only decent implementation of a rocket launcher in an FPS imho.

...and on the other hand, I don't want the badass veteran combat monster cyber-marine to take longer to reload than I do at the range (and I'm not that good).

: Two things set it apart from the other launchers out there, first it has a
: low ammo limit, making every shot worth while, second, it wasn't instantly
: ready after the clip was used up. Anyway just a quick thought there, I'd
: like ammo management to be somewhat of an issue.

Good points on the SPaNKeR, but I'm not saying I want instant-reloads a la Q3- just that I don't want it to take longer in-game than it does in RL. =)

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