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Re: I've Officially Gone Mad
Posted By: Hikaru-119 <>Date: 9/29/04 11:38 a.m.

In Response To: I've Officially Gone Mad (Metatron)

: This will be my last thread, hopefully, which is dedicated to the sole
: purpose of showing the abnormal ďcoincidencesĒ one can find on the MP
: maps. While I was playing Hang Em High last night, I noticed the map's
: description, which said, ďTombstones for Everybody.Ē Well, being the
: kind of person that looks far too deeply at every little detail, as some
: have said, I decided to count how many tombstones were on the map. What I
: found was interesting, to say the least.

: There are 68 tombstones on the MP map Hang Em High. Of course, that number by
: itself isnít interesting. However, when you subtract 68 from 75, which is
: the number of Spartan IIís (75 Spartans), then you get the number 7 ...
: thatís not the abnormal part. At the end of First Strike there are 7
: Spartan IIís who arenít listed as KIA/MIA, which would leave 68 of the
: original Spartan IIs dead or MIA (Spartans never die:), hence there being
: 68 tombstones! One can easily find that the Master Chief, Will, Linda, and
: Fred are alive at the end of First Strike, but that would only add up to 4
: Spartans II's. However, when you add to this small group the ď3 Spartans
: who werenít present for the PoA mission because they were engaged on
: fields of combat too distant to be easily recalled (p.240, TFoR) , then
: one comes up with the number of Spartans in the Halo universe, which would
: be 7, that arenít listed as MIA/KIA.

: "He (the MC) paused at Kelly's name. John listed her as MIA,
: too."(p.334, FS)

: 7 known surviving Spartan IIís, 68 KIA/MIA Spartan IIís, 68 tombstones in
: Hang Em High, which is on a Halo... just another crazy coincidence? In
: order for Bungie to have the foresight to put something like this in the
: game, it be quite amazing. Of course, something like this doesnít add to
: the story, or make the game play any better, if thatís possible. I believe
: this is just one of the many small details one could find Bungie placing
: throughout the games and books just so they could say, "Yes, we are
: the collective genius that you all imagine."

: Jamie Griesemer (Halo 2 Design Lead) -
: ďAll through Halo 1 we were putting in hooks for Halo 2. Almost nothing in
: Halo 1 was random. I think a lot of people are going to play Halo 2 and
: then go back and play Halo 1, because theyíll see a lot of things they
: didnít see before.Ē(p.222)

: Whether this will interest the masses, or not, and there is the slight chance
: that I miscounted, I thought it was something worth mentioning. Oh, make
: sure to count the tombstones on the map several times before posting the
: inevitable, ďI only counted 67 tombstones.Ē A little advise... mark each
: counted tombstone with a plasma shot in order to not get confused:-)

: - Metatron

I see you changed your theory on this by adding Kelly among the " Spartan death list. "

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           Re: I've Officially Gone MadMetatron 9/29/04 4:34 p.m.
     You're either insane, or f*cking genius. *NM*Recoil 9/29/04 1:43 p.m.
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     Re:Dom Dunc 9/29/04 3:17 p.m.
     Re: I've Officially Gone Madvshields ash 9/29/04 5:15 p.m.
     Holy Sh*t it does make sense. Tombstone 4 Evrybody *NM*Someone 9/29/04 5:56 p.m.

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