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Re: CIGARS!! -- Finn and mnem?
Posted By: Wado SGDate: 4/4/04 3:13 a.m.

In Response To: CIGARS!! (biggiea)

"MI Cigar is Salty."

Very interesting, what's up with that and Jensen's March 11th Halo Story Page entry ( ) about the Sarge getting overlooked by the Flood because of his cigars.

Well perhaps there is a connection. Cigars contain nitrate. High nitrate concentrations (in smoke) could cause the Flood to treat the potential host differently. Perhaps believe they are already infected or that they aren't a suitable host.

Remember that Keyes smokes a pipe, the concentrations of nitrate could still be there but perhaps not as much as from a cigar.

An article (found here ) pertaining to Radiolytic Bubble Gas Hydrogen Compositions, indicated this:

An SRS gamma-irradiation study of three salt formulations, identical except for nitrate/nitrite concentration, found that synthetic saltcake produces nitrous oxide in the presence of nitrite.

- Nitrate-only salt produced hydrogen and oxygen, but not nitrous oxide.
- Nitrite-only salt produced hydrogen and nitrous oxide, and oxygen was consumed.
- Mixed nitrate/nitrite salt produced hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrous oxide.

Nitrate-only and nitrite-only salts produce gas with essentially the same hydrogen composition, except that the diluent is oxygen and nitrous oxide, respectively. Mixed salt produced gas with a slightly higher hydrogen composition in which both oxygen and nitrous oxide were present.

Now if the Flood are based on nitrite with radiation, that could produce hydrogen gas (which is explosive). Also it is black in concentrations but with a greenish hue, incidentally. Another interesting part is that the presence of organic materials reduced the production of hydrogen.

So my speculation is that the Flood are somehow based on nitrite and radiation, and use this to genetically alter the biomass of a host. The organic materials help reduce the production of hydrogen as a byproduct. The production of hydrogen and nitrous oxide gases is good for the Flood. I'm not sure if oxygen is good or bad for the Flood.

There's more to this, but I'm trying to keep it simple.

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