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Re: meta response to - Theory on the origins
Posted By: Sep7imus [subnova]Date: 3/23/04 7:59 a.m.

In Response To: Theory on the origins of the war (Ain Soph Aur)

: Ok, there's been a lot of speculation on how the Human-Covenant war began.
: Some think that they hate us becuase we are descendants of the Forerunner
: or just because we've colonized former Forerunner worlds. However, I think
: the answer is probably much simpler than that. Harvest, the first world to
: be lost, was one of the Outer Colonies. The Outer Colonies were where
: pirates set up operations. So, here's my theory: Space pirates wandered
: out to the furthest edge of Human-held space. There, they found a Covenant
: ship or fleet that had been studying humans (in the novels, it's obvious
: that the Covenant had studied us for awhile before attacking). Being
: pirates, they would have most likely seen it as a source of ultimate
: wealth, to bring back an alien spacecraft. So they most likely attempted
: to communicate an ultimatum to it, and when that failed, they attacked. It
: is possible that one of the ships they attacked was carrying a Prophet of
: extreme status to the Covenant. So, having been attacked by a human
: vessel, this Prophet would have been outraged, along with all the other
: Covies around. It would basically have been seen as an attack on all they
: held holy, due to the status of the Prophets in general and this one in
: particular. After destroying the rogue vessel, the fleet moved inwards
: toward the Harvest system. By now, the whole of the body of Prophets at
: least would have been notified and been extremely suspicious of humans.
: Later, when UNSC ships attempted to hail the Covenant fleet, because the
: pirates had done the same, this would have been seen as a threat and final
: confirmation of how evil humans are. So they annihlated the fleet, glassed
: the planet, and announced to all their worlds the evils of humanity and
: began a holy war, made such because of the attack on a high Prophet and a
: perceived second attempt on his life. It makes more sense to me than any
: previous theory, but I expect feedback.

This may, in fact be the case, for all we know.

It's odd, though, that you advance this theory as "much simpler" than other theories our there. Occam's Razor, the principle which dictates that the most simple theory is the most preferable, would suggest that the idea that humans colonized a planet or area of the galaxy that was important to the Covenant, angering them, would be the most simple explanation for the war. Religious justification for a territorial war would hardly be a new thing under the sun (or under multiple suns as the case may be).

(Perhaps even more simple would be the idea that the Covenant hate all other races for religious reasons, but the very form of the Covenant (a conglomeration of different alien races) makes that untenable as a theory. There has to be some specific reason they dislike humans so.)

My point is not to contradict your theory, which could be possible, but just to point out that rather than being "simple" it is actually rather complex (you add space pirates and a hypothetical encounter with a prophet to the mix).

(CAVEAT: Occam's Razor may not be the best principle to apply to understanding the real world - there is no necessary reason that phenomena should be explicable in simple terms, and in fact often the more complex explanation is true - much less to understanding the complicated fictional world of Bungie, where you can pretty much count on things NOT being simple.)


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