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Since I'm not involved...
Posted By: Miguel Chavez <>Date: 10/16/03 11:07 a.m.

In Response To: Re: What in the.... (Chelsea Bridge)

: "The habit of persistence is the habit of victory."

: That's what they say.

: How coincidental that you're looking for directions to the trinkets. In a
: more oriented universe, one might just find that humourous.

: Truly,
: Chelsea

Let me try to spell something out for you forum-goers that aren't sure what to make of all this. is a fan of Bungie games. Bungie has been known to add very deep, intricate layers to their games. Something as simple as the name of a character (John-117) can actually lead to much deeper conversation. If you've been coming to this forum for any stretch of time, you should know just how 'carried' away we get dissecting the storyline of Halo. If you had been around during the Marathon and Myth days, you would know that there was even *more* stuff to talk about back then.

You with me so far?

So, BORG has tried to carry over this love of mysteries/puzzles/chin-scratchers into actual contests. The Scavenger Hunt is the first, in my opinion, 'pop-test' meaning that it is being aimed at folks that might not be as hardcore as the smaller, tighter group of fans of Marathon and Myth. With that in mind, my guess is that the makers of the hunt purposely modeled the whole thing like an ONION. :) The first layer or two are easy to get to, relatively speaking, and the prizes are straight-forward as well. I mean really... look for trinket icons or phrases scattered about websites? How *simple* is that?

But dig deeper... and I think you'll find the TRUE puzzle. The one that will cause us all to lose sleep trying to decipher what Chelsea is actually talking about. If we're lucky, it'll be like the Glyph puzzle from a few years back. It will consist of multiple puzzles, each intriguing in their own right.

What was cool about the Glyph puzzle is that even if you had NO IDEA what some of the stuff was all about, there were still opportunities for someone to contribute. If you knew the stops of a certain NYC subway line, you could've helped, for example.

Those of you interested... or where involved and want to take a little trip down nostalgia lane, click here to see the start of it all.

Right now, we (both the audience and the makers of the puzzle) are waiting for that little nudge that someone will make that will get the ideas flowing. And then? Get ready for a fun ride. :)

Clicking on Chelsea's link to a google search on "map orientation" I found a link that I think has a relevant passage:

Map Orientation and North

There is a convention that non polar maps are drawn with North towards the top of the map and South towards the bottom. Near the poles the concepts of North and South begin to lose their meaning and alternate orientations must be applied.

Very localised maps such as those for shopping malls or parks are often oriented around the main point of entry. This makes it easy for people to navigate to their objective from the entrance – the right and left turns can be clearly understood. Unfortunately, this does not always help everyone find their way back again.

Maps, such as road maps, present a problem to a significant percentage of the population when they are used to follow a route “down” the map. If you are following a route South on a conventional road map the rights and lefts you need to take in the real world are the reverse of those you see on the map. Those with less well developed “special awareness” find this a difficulty. One solution is to turn the map upside down – but then all of the legends (road numbers, names etc.) will be upside down as well. If you are designing a “how to find us” map then it may be possible to create a map showing multiple routes (perhaps from major highways approaching your area) with an orientation chosen to match the direction of travel.

Emphasis mine.

So those of you that found trinkets... was there any mention of North/South/West/East? Anything else? I honestly have not been following the whole trinket part of this hunt, so I don't know what has been found. Of course, if you need to keep it hidden for some reason, let me not force you to reveal something you don't want to reveal. But I think some aspects of the trinket and the clue it gives can be revealed without "losing" in some way.

The Glyph puzzle was solved via a collaborative effort. I really doubt the Scav Hunt will be any different... one person trying to do it themselves will have to be either realllllly smart or reallllly crazy.

Good luck to all of us!

- M

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