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Re: Whatever Lodurr - I've heard it from you befor
Posted By: Mark Levin <>Date: 11/4/99 12:30 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Whatever Lodurr - I've heard it from you befor (Lodurr)

> I read that. And I commented on it, by saying that Mr. One-liner
> didn't insult you personally, or Bungie personally, and thus
> didn't deserve your more personal attacks.

Maybe he didn't but he was the last straw. It wasn't any individual 1st person post, it was the fact that there were dozens of them, all saying the same damn thing over and over again for months.

> Just because we haven't been in the dev room, we shouldn't say
> ANYthing about Halo?

No, you just shouldn't say things like "It's really stupid of Bungie to make the game 3rd person".

Bungie has already said they have found a good solution, and that should have been the end of it. No matter what else happens, Bungie's word on the game is FINAL. You (by which I mean every still bitching about perspective) aren't going to change anything by posting over and over again, you're just going to annoy the whole forum, waste space, and so on.

The point is that this issue has been beaten to death seven times over except that one side, the "3rd person sucks" side, refuses to just LET IT DIE.

> Did I say ONE thing about perspective choice in Halo in my post?
> Did I even say anything game-related? I said "pro-1st
> person poster"--that was as close as I got. I admitted to
> you in e-mail that I'm done with the debate, that all that could
> be said has already been said. How you can respond to my
> perfectly civil post in such a personal manner puzzles me.

What you said was basically that we shouldn't be asking for the argument to end no matter how annoying it gets, because "everyone has the right to post drivel". That way lies madness. At some point someone will just snap (it happened to Nathan already, and I've had to restrain myself and not post a few times) and the forum goes to hell.

Again, the argument is OVER and people just refuse to accept that. The newbies have some small justification for their posts because they don't know any better, but there's no excuse for the pro-1st regulars to start arguing with the pro-3rd regulars when the latter reply to the newbie.

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