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Re: Whatever Lodurr - I've heard it from you befor
Posted By: Lodurr <>Date: 11/4/99 11:06 a.m.

In Response To: Whatever Lodurr - I've heard it from you before (Nathan)

Did I insult you in my last post? Since when is this such a personal issue? This is ridiculous. I say that you shouldn't get so angry at posters for posting what they want to, and you suddenly consider me Bungie enemy #1.

> Just as it's a spammer right to send spam-mail? I think it's
> just an abuse of freedom-of-speech or as people say being a
> "lamer", and I don't mean anyone in particular - I
> mean the behavior. Obviously, you failed to read that part of
> the message.

I read that. And I commented on it, by saying that Mr. One-liner didn't insult you personally, or Bungie personally, and thus didn't deserve your more personal attacks.

> And I was only making the post to explain why I
> will probably be leaving this forum.

If that's all the post was for, it would've been written in a much more calm manner, without bringing other people into it.

> I respect people's opinions, but I don't respect *8* - EIGHT -
> one-liners saying the same thing. All this - and not a ONE of
> you have been in the development room to see what's going on.
> You haven't seen 1/100th of Halo, and yet you want to tell the
> developer how to make the game. I don't mean the intelligent (by
> that, I don't mean grammar/spelling) suggestions; I mean things
> like EIGHT one-liners saying the same thing.

Just because we haven't been in the dev room, we shouldn't say ANYthing about Halo? We can't say what we'd like or what we think about what's going on in its development without you losing your cool? What about those posts on editors? On aiming solutions? Shouldn't we just stop posting on ALTOGETHER by that logic? People shouldn't be dissuaded from posting on perspective rather than something else just because it's the 'hot issue' of the forum.

> I'm sure you could care less (or couldn't care less, or
> whatever). But others did - more than I could email at once, so
> the advance warning was warranted, in my opinion.

You could've done so with no mention of posts or types of posts, which blatantly indicate certain people. That's where it went too far.

> I don't care how many first-person people you defend. The game
> will be a 3rd-person action game, with some details and specific
> situations and certain options still to be decided. It isn't
> changing if there's 1,000,000 one-liner posts crying the
> opposite or stating they won't buy the game. Sorry.

Did I say ONE thing about perspective choice in Halo in my post? Did I even say anything game-related? I said "pro-1st person poster"--that was as close as I got. I admitted to you in e-mail that I'm done with the debate, that all that could be said has already been said. How you can respond to my perfectly civil post in such a personal manner puzzles me.

I won't call you names. I don't want this to be a personal issue. I have to leave it up to you to resolve this conflict in an impartial manner--I had to reply because I had to defend myself. In this case, you have nothing to defend against, as I don't intend -any- of this to be an insult to you. I do apologize if it seems that way to you, but it's not the case.


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