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Re: Good pts. Silicon, but no Pedestals
Posted By: Nathan <>Date: 11/4/99 12:55 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Good pts. Silicon, but no Pedestals (SiliconDream)

> I know you weren't trying to start a war. Shoulda put more ;)s
> in. And you don't have to reply with "I knew you
> knew," because I know you knew I knew.

I knew you were gonna say that.

> What forums would you recommend? I'm not about to abandon
> (as if I'd be missed), but I'd be interested in adding
> any quality sites to my daily rounds.

I still recommend the Sometimes they get a bit silly, but for the most part, it's intelligent and LONG discussions. The forums are also quite comprehensive over there. They have slowed down quite a bit since the new Halo forums, but somebody always manages to get them jump started again.

Two of my absolute favorites are the old Usenet newsgroups, and ( has been dead for quite some time). Of course, the Marathon group discusses Marathon *and* Halo, but it is very friendly and established. The Myth usenet group gets its share of newbies, but not too many are lamers, and they are treated well. In both newsgroups, several people "lose their serial # a week", but this has become more humorous than flame-provoking. :)

As for gaming in general with a definite lack of Bungie bias (our games are rarely mentioned), I recommend a list called games-l. It is moderated and its rules are strictly enforced. These rules generally apply to spam and talking about piracy or advocating it, and also blatantly insulting someone personally for lack of a VERY good reason.
There are some extremely intelligent and thought-provoking posts about specific games and gaming in general on this mailing list (anyone can join). Also, if you just need chetz for Frogger, you can just send an email, and someone is almost certainly to answer you. The list is currently 282 people, and there are roughly 10 emails a day from it, in general.

Several professional developers are also on the list (such as a developer from the anticipated Wheel of Time game).

To find it, I'd recommend going under the computer game section of yahoo and looking for "games-l list" or something similar. It's hosted by an adult at Brown University, for whatever that's worth.

I also stop in at our other fan forums, but not much activity takes place there.

And it goes without saying that the Marathon story page must be consulted every day. :-)

Hope that helped some ... and wonder if Halo fans will now overwhelm games-l list ... that would be kinda cool. ;) ... depending on who it was I guess ...

Good luck,


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