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Good pts. Silicon, but no Pedestals
Posted By: Nathan <>Date: 11/4/99 12:04 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Whatever Lodurr - I've heard it from you befor (SiliconDream)

> Hey, don't put the Core on a pedestal when two of its favorite
> posts right now are a) what colors everyone's player is going to
> wear and b) how everyone at the forum is a geek but at the same
> time a macho he-man. Not that there's anything wrong with this
> (I'm happily helping out). ;)

I was trying NOT to make it a "forum war" or even "forum comparison" of any kind. I've just noticed that they seem to be kinder and ... um .. less repetitive at other places I've visited. And you're right about the threads - they get silly. But I'll take silly over repetitive and rather ignorant any day.

> Maybe fewer perspective posts show up there because *everyone*
> shouts at the guy who posted it? I'm not saying h.b.orgers

No, I've seen about as many perspective posts. But people seem more willing to understand that it is something they need to see before making EXTREME comments about. I don't know why and it's not just the Core. Steve and Claude Errera from are two people that I communicate with regularly and have a great deal of respect for. So I don't mean to put another forum on a pedestal. But I don't get frustrated like this anywhere else. Nor does someone need to be reminded 50 times about something. I guess that is what is most frustrating. Information is out there, but people either choose to ignore it or else purposely filter out what doesn't agree with their point of view (pardon the pun :).

Look at Loren - he has stated more than clearly that he prefers first-person. But look at HOW he says it and how he backs it up. I'm not putting people on pedestals either - it's not for me to judge. But I'm not frustrated at all when I read Loren's posts. I know there will always be people who purposely or non-purposely detract from a forum. I'm very used to that as I'm active on about 10 forums, 8 relating either to Halo, Marathon, or Games in General. And this has never happened before - at least to me.

> should do this (I know I wouldn't), but the "Shut up and go
> away!" response does seem to be more effective than the
> "Your opinion has merit, but Bungie's made up its own mind,
> so you don't need to post again" response. Although it
> probably inspires more resentful mutterings on other forums like
> VoodooExtreme's.

Well, I wrote to VoodooExtreme (kindly and coherently) and was ignored. I have a pretty low opinion at this stage of them as a "news site" if they're not even willing to print a calm, coherent rebuttal from a relatively high-ranking member (at the time) of the development ream. I stay away from forums like that anyway. Too much trolling and flame-bait. That's why I hate to see it here. This place is too well-done and run by people that I like well enough that I'd love to stay. But I won't do it if it's a negative, frustrating experience.

You know? :)


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