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*hugs nathan*
Posted By: CapnPyro <>Date: 10/20/99 2:39 p.m.

In Response To: A Goodbye - Sort of (Nathan)

I love you man!


> Dear Bungie Fans and other Forum readers,

> This letter has been very difficult to write and itís taken me a
> long time just to try to get a first sentence that sounds right.
> So, instead of painstakingly going over the details, Iím just
> going to write with (for Rob: RECKLESS ABANDON LIKE I DID MANY

> It is with some sadness that I write to tell you that Friday,
> October 22, will be my last day working for Bungie. I have
> received an opportunity to finish my schooling at the University
> of North Carolina, where I will be allowed to write an honors
> thesis and (assuming itís impressive enough ;), graduate with
> high honors. In the coming week, Iíll be tying up some loose
> ends, cleaning up, and saying goodbye.

> When I rejoin the forums this weekend or next Monday, it will be
> as a fan - just like you. I am no longer Producer or Creative
> Developer and am no longer a representative of Bungie Software.
> This is important to note if you continue writing to me.

> This has been the greatest company I have ever worked for, with
> the most talented and nicest group of people I have had the
> pleasure of knowing as co-workers. I have only good memories of
> all thatís happened at Bungie Ö and it is because of the people
> that I worked with and the products that we made together. This
> company is surging ahead with three incredible projects in the
> wings Ö and I wish ALL of them and all of YOU the best of luck.

> I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work at such a
> place, will surely miss Bungie, and I know that they will
> contine to produce only the highest-quality games Ė period.

> For now, my email address will remain the same and I can be
> reached there. I am sure to have a free email account for a
> while which I will post under until I have full internet service
> in my name. And within a couple months, you will see my UNC
> address resurface. I will likely leave for North Carolina in
> early January or late December. I will stay in touch. Don't
> worry. ;)

> And now I'll be able to speak my mind a little more freely about
> your debates. Please understand that I will NOT be able to give
> you any more information about Halo than I could before. I am in
> a position similar to Tyson over at the Core.

> Thanks for all your input. Rest assured that you have been heard
> and WILL CONTINUE to be heard. I have made a very strong point
> in emphasizing that communicating with our fans and consumers is
> a critical element to our production. Bungie will not forget
> this. I'll be sure to harass them endlessly if they do. ;)

> I will be here just as often, if not more - just remember that
> I'm not here in the same capacity.

> I look forward to some more spirited debates now. ;-)

> Thanks for being such wonderful fans.

> Sincerely,

> Nathan Bitner
> Bungie Software (until Midnight Friday, October 22 :)

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