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Posted By: Ben Schodek <>Date: 10/20/99 1:59 p.m.

In Response To: A Goodbye - Sort of (Nathan)

> Dear Bungie Fans and other Forum readers,

> This letter has been very difficult to write and itís taken me a
> long time just to try to get a first sentence that sounds right.
> So, instead of painstakingly going over the details, Iím just
> going to write with (for Rob: RECKLESS ABANDON LIKE I DID MANY

> It is with some sadness that I write to tell you that Friday,
> October 22, will be my last day working for Bungie. I have
> received an opportunity to finish my schooling at the University
> of North Carolina, where I will be allowed to write an honors
> thesis and (assuming itís impressive enough ;), graduate with
> high honors. In the coming week, Iíll be tying up some loose
> ends, cleaning up, and saying goodbye.

> When I rejoin the forums this weekend or next Monday, it will be
> as a fan - just like you. I am no longer Producer or Creative
> Developer and am no longer a representative of Bungie Software.
> This is important to note if you continue writing to me.

> This has been the greatest company I have ever worked for, with
> the most talented and nicest group of people I have had the
> pleasure of knowing as co-workers. I have only good memories of
> all thatís happened at Bungie Ö and it is because of the people
> that I worked with and the products that we made together. This
> company is surging ahead with three incredible projects in the
> wings Ö and I wish ALL of them and all of YOU the best of luck.

> I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work at such a
> place, will surely miss Bungie, and I know that they will
> contine to produce only the highest-quality games Ė period.

> For now, my email address will remain the same and I can be
> reached there. I am sure to have a free email account for a
> while which I will post under until I have full internet service
> in my name. And within a couple months, you will see my UNC
> address resurface. I will likely leave for North Carolina in
> early January or late December. I will stay in touch. Don't
> worry. ;)

> And now I'll be able to speak my mind a little more freely about
> your debates. Please understand that I will NOT be able to give
> you any more information about Halo than I could before. I am in
> a position similar to Tyson over at the Core.

> Thanks for all your input. Rest assured that you have been heard
> and WILL CONTINUE to be heard. I have made a very strong point
> in emphasizing that communicating with our fans and consumers is
> a critical element to our production. Bungie will not forget
> this. I'll be sure to harass them endlessly if they do. ;)

> I will be here just as often, if not more - just remember that
> I'm not here in the same capacity.

> I look forward to some more spirited debates now. ;-)

> Thanks for being such wonderful fans.

> Sincerely,

> Nathan Bitner
> Bungie Software (until Midnight Friday, October 22 :)

Well, good luck. Glad to see you'l still be posting here. Sad news, but things happen...

Anyways, who will be your replacement? And will another one of bungies staff now officially be the coordinator of bungie fan relations like you were? (ex. an official bungie forum poster.)

2 days, thats kinda short notice... Anyways, have fun, and good luck.

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